Weekly Meals January 16-20

This week we will be eating at home for three nights, heading to friends and then going away for the weekend.  Here is what I will be cooking:

  1. Egg Roll Bowls by Skinnytaste  this will be supplemented with a side of steamed rice.
  2. Tomato, olive and mozzarella meatballs with crusty bread by Donna Hay  This recipe is from her Simple Dinners cookbook and can be found here DH recipe  I am serving this with a caesar salad.
  3. Greek chicken sheet pan dinner by Skinnytaste

Lunches will consist of leftovers from the night before and breakfasts will be overnight oats, oatcakes or cereal.  You can find many different recipes for overnight oats on Pinterest, but I make them using the 1/4 cup recipe.  1/4 cup oats, almond milk, yogurt and frozen fruit.  Of course you can use fresh fruit or even dried fruit, whatever suits your taste.  For snacks this week I made a batch of PB and J energy bites, obviously not nut free so they cannot go in lunches.  However a great after school snack with a piece of fruit.  Find the recipe here: Minimalist Baker

Happy cooking,



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