Kid Friendly Snacks

If your kids are anything like mine then as soon as they are home from school they are looking for snacks.  It is a tricky time to feed children, they need something to tide them over until dinner, but giving them too much may impact their appetite.  I always try to give a fruit or vegetable and a protein.  Here is a list of kid approved snacks:

  • smoothies: frozen fruit, half a banana, any type of milk, yogurt and a handful of spinach.
  • banana split: cut a banana in half lengthwise, cover with yogurt and top with berries and nuts.
  • ants on a wheel: thinly slice an apple, spread slices with nut butter and top with raisins.  (sometimes we also add some chocolate chips)
  • energy bites: our new favourite recipe is from @thelemonbowl
  • home-made snack mix: pretzels, raisins, chocolate chips, Chex cereal and goldfish crackers.  (this is also a great snack to send to school)
  • cheese and crackers

Happy snacking,



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