Weeknight inspiration

I find that after a long weekend it is really difficult to get back into the groove.  It is especially challenging when Monday was a holiday, and now it feels like you are a day behind.  I was looking for an easy weeknight meal that was not going to take an hour to prepare.  When I came across the recipe for sausage and spinach spaghetti pie I knew I had found what I was looking for.  Comforting and flavourful this is an easy meal to add to your repertoire.  I served the pie with a caesar salad, but you could also sauté some broccolini or any other family favourite.  You could substitute the spinach with kale or another hearty green.  What is even better is that this recipe comes from @cookinglight, so even though it is pasta it must be good for you?!

Happy cooking,


2 thoughts on “Weeknight inspiration

  1. Kim Boyle says:

    Sara!! This is an awesome little blog! You amaze me with your energy and self discipline. Your mom sends us updates of your precious angel. Where do you find the time??!! I’m going to try that spaghetti pie- will let you know how it turns out. Xxxx


    • threeplatesfull says:

      Thanks Kim it is my passion project for 2017. Something that I have talked about for a long time. I just needed to bite the bullet. I love cooking new things and looking at recipes so it works. Meal planning is something that I already do, so now I’m just sharing it.


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