Weekly meals Mar. 27- Mar. 31

Meal updates from last week:
All meals from last week turned out great!  The chicken and artichoke bake was the best that it has ever been.  I changed up the side, and served it with mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus.  As always the hamburger soup was good, and makes even better leftovers as the flavours have time to develop.

This week we are away on holiday but I will be sharing with you some simple week night meals that are sure to impress your family.

  • Thai noodles with chicken and broccoli, this recipe comes from Anne Lindsay’s cookbook Cooking Light.  It is a staple in our house and is amazing.  I always double the sauce and make lots of pasta, as it makes great leftovers either hot or cold.
  • Black bean tostadas with corn relish from @marthastewart these are simple to put together but packed with fresh flavours.  I use corn tortillas instead of flour and in the summer grill fresh corn.
  • Monte cristo sandwich from @wearsmanyhats I serve this with a side salad or fresh fruit.
  • Beef burritos from the Best of Bridge ladies, as with other recipes from their cookbooks this is something that we eat over and over again.  I serve this with shredded head lettuce, cilantro, tomatoes and sliced avocado.  It is a hit every time!
  • Mozzarella stuffed meatball sandwiches from me!  This is simple and packs a lot of flavour.  Purchase a package of mild Italian sausage (spicy will also work), remove the sausage from the casing.  Cut mozzarella into small cubes (you could also use mozzarella cheese string).  Using a melon baller, scoop the sausage and place a piece of cheese into the middle of the ball.  Make sure that all of the cheese is covered by the sausage.  Place the meatballs on a cookie sheet lined with tinfoil.  Heat oven to 350 and bake until golden, around 20 minutes.  While the meatballs are cooking, heat marinara sauce.  To serve, cut submarine buns in half, place three meatballs inside, cover with sauce and extra shredded mozzarella.  Serve this with a caesar salad.

While away I have been looking at some new recipes that I would like to try.  These cookies are perfect for your Easter spread, and who doesn’t love mini eggs?!  I love all things lemon, plus this recipe is a way to use my doughnut pan.  I enjoy a good morning glory muffin and have found a bakery at the Farmer’s Market that does them very well, but I think that I need to try making them myself.

Happy cooking,



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