Weekly meals Nov. 25 – Nov. 28

Meal updates from last week:
We really enjoyed the chicken cacciatore sandwiches, and the chicken and pepper mixture was really good even on its own.  As I mentioned last week, they didn’t have any flank steak so I made a version of the fajita bowls only with shrimp.

This week we will be eating at home Monday-Thursday, we don’t have any plans on Friday.  Saturday we are heading to friends for gingerbread decorating and a parade of lights.  Sunday we are off to cut our trees down!  The weather is going to change later this week so I’m pulling out some comfort food family favourites.

  • BLT salad from @marthastewart this is a family favourite, bacon and homemade croutons enough said!
  • Classy chicken from @bestofbridge another family staple my kids will gobble this up.
  • Turkey tacos from @culinaryhill my kids love tacos.  My son loves a hard shell, my daughter likes to dip chips and I usually eat mine as a salad.  I like this meal as it is very versatile.
  • Buddha bowls from http://www.thespeedyspatual.com another food love for my kids is sausage.  I am going to serve their bowls with brown rice and ours with cauliflower rice.  I didn’t buy sprouts as the green veggie but bought a head of cauliflower.

I have zero plans to bake this week as I have school work that needs to get done.  Once it is finished I will have some time to think about my Christmas baking plan.  I am not sure if I will make some of what I always make, or change it up and make something different.  The Dinner List 112is back!  Print and take it with you to the store.

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