Good for snacking

In the past I have posted many different recipes for protein balls.  They are a huge hit in my house, easy to eat on the go, and light enough to give your kids before dinner time.  I am going to share with you all the recipes that I have tried, as well as a recipe adaptation that I made earlier this week.  All recipes can be made gluten-free by using certified gluten-free oats.  To make them lunch box friendly use seed butter instead of nut butter.

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Weekly meals Feb. 13-17

Meal updates from last week:
The shredded beef tacos did not turn out like I had imagined.  I microwaved the tortillas as instructed, but they all tore as soon as I rolled them up.  The dish ended up looking really messy.  The meatballs in the turkey soup were great, but the broth was very bland.  I do not think that I will make this recipe again.  The cranberry protein balls were a huge hit!  The flavour and texture of these ones were very different from the peanut butter based ones.  I will be making these again.

Love week, we will be eating in Monday-Thursday which includes Valentine’s Day.  Friday we will be eating out, and we do not have plans for Saturday.  The weather is supposed to be lovely so I will be firing up the bbq for two of my meals.

  1. Lasagne soup from @farmgirlsdabble I will serve this with a caesar salad (I have made this soup many times and it is a huge hit.  I omit the ricotta when serving to my kids).
  2. Valentine’s Day menu:
    Lobster tails with artichoke risotto from @travelcooktell and a green veggie on the side: asparagus, green beans or a salad.  For dessert I will be making the no-bake cheesecake that I posted last week in Sweet Treats.
  3. Greek turkey burgers with tzatziki from @foodiecrush (I will serve this with a greek salad)
  4. Grilled Hawaiian chicken teriyaki bowls from (I have made this bowl before, and the flavours are amazing together!  I will be making steamed rice for the bowl base, not the coconut rice that the recipe calls for).

For breakfast this week I will be trying out a new recipe for oatmeal breakfast bites.  For snack I will be going back to the protein balls from @thelemonbowl they have been the biggest hit in our house.  This week I will be looking for recipes for protein balls that are lunchbox safe.

Don’t forget to print the dinner-list-3 for your weekly grocery shopping.

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Kid Friendly Snacks

If your kids are anything like mine then as soon as they are home from school they are looking for snacks.  It is a tricky time to feed children, they need something to tide them over until dinner, but giving them too much may impact their appetite.  I always try to give a fruit or vegetable and a protein.  Here is a list of kid approved snacks:

  • smoothies: frozen fruit, half a banana, any type of milk, yogurt and a handful of spinach.
  • banana split: cut a banana in half lengthwise, cover with yogurt and top with berries and nuts.
  • ants on a wheel: thinly slice an apple, spread slices with nut butter and top with raisins.  (sometimes we also add some chocolate chips)
  • energy bites: our new favourite recipe is from @thelemonbowl
  • home-made snack mix: pretzels, raisins, chocolate chips, Chex cereal and goldfish crackers.  (this is also a great snack to send to school)
  • cheese and crackers

Happy snacking,