Weekly meals Dec. 2 – Dec. 6

Meal updates from last week:
As always the kids and adults devoured the classy chicken!  I didn’t make the BLT salad as we went out for an impromptu dinner with my parents.  We really liked the turkey tacos and the buddha bowls came together very quickly.

This week is jam packed!  My son has basketball twice this week, I am going out twice and my husband is out once.  Tis the season!  This means that there won’t be a lot of home cooked meals going on, but I do have a solid plan:

  • Lasagne soup from @farmgirlsdabble I have made this soup before and it is delicious.  I very good tip is to cook the pasta separate from the soup and then just add it when you serve.  This way the noodles don’t get overcooked.  I am going to serve this with a salad or some bread.
  • We will be out tonight, so my kids will be having takeout.
  • BLT salad from @marthastewart we will give this another try and see if it gets made this week!
  • Pineapple chicken from @chelseasmessyapron this is a new recipe that looks so good, I cannot wait to give it a try.

I would love to start some holiday baking this week, but it all depends on time.  I am going to buy everything that I need for the recipes in hopes that I will find some time to bake.  I’ve decided that I would like to make some kiss cookies and then something gingerbread.  I found a recipe for snickerdoodle kiss cookies and then I am going to make a gingerbread cookie with some white chocolate cream cheese icing or gingersnap sandwich cookies with white chocolate with white chocolate filling.  I also wanted to make something with a mint flavour but who knows if I’ll ever finish all of it!  I will keep you posted as to what I bake in the coming weeks.  Grocery shopping  made simple with grocery list 113

Happy cooking,

Weekly meals Nov. 25 – Nov. 28

Meal updates from last week:
We really enjoyed the chicken cacciatore sandwiches, and the chicken and pepper mixture was really good even on its own.  As I mentioned last week, they didn’t have any flank steak so I made a version of the fajita bowls only with shrimp.

This week we will be eating at home Monday-Thursday, we don’t have any plans on Friday.  Saturday we are heading to friends for gingerbread decorating and a parade of lights.  Sunday we are off to cut our trees down!  The weather is going to change later this week so I’m pulling out some comfort food family favourites.

  • BLT salad from @marthastewart this is a family favourite, bacon and homemade croutons enough said!
  • Classy chicken from @bestofbridge another family staple my kids will gobble this up.
  • Turkey tacos from @culinaryhill my kids love tacos.  My son loves a hard shell, my daughter likes to dip chips and I usually eat mine as a salad.  I like this meal as it is very versatile.
  • Buddha bowls from http://www.thespeedyspatual.com another food love for my kids is sausage.  I am going to serve their bowls with brown rice and ours with cauliflower rice.  I didn’t buy sprouts as the green veggie but bought a head of cauliflower.

I have zero plans to bake this week as I have school work that needs to get done.  Once it is finished I will have some time to think about my Christmas baking plan.  I am not sure if I will make some of what I always make, or change it up and make something different.  The Dinner List 112is back!  Print and take it with you to the store.

Weekly meals Oct.14 – Oct. 18

Meal updates from last week:
I LOVED the autumn glow salad and we all liked the Thai coconut curry shrimp.  I used brown rice in the salad instead of farro, the roasted sweet potatoes and cauliflower were a perfect compliment to the rice and dressing.  Next time I am going to double the recipe and make enough for a week of lunches.  The curry shrimp were also great, I used ramen noodles as they cook really fast.  My kids tried the sauce but didn’t really like it, so they had all of the other ingredients over noodles.

We spent the weekend away in Southern California, soaking up the sun and enjoying time as a family.  We ate some delicious meals at Ola Mexican Kitchen, Waterline at Balboa Bay Resort and Watertable at the Hyatt Regency.  We always find that eating out in the United States offers more variety for kids menus and options that they don’t have in Canada.  If you are ever in the Huntington Beach area, try out some of these restaurants, all were kid and family friendly.

This week we are eating at home Tuesday-Friday, we don’t have plans on Saturday, but Sunday we are going to friends to celebrate an overdue Thanksgiving.

  • Creamy chicken tortilla soup from @littlebrokenblog this is the second soup that I have made from her blog, and let me tell you it was amazing!  I topped the soup with sliced avocado, cilantro and chips for dipping.  It was a perfect fall meal.
  • BLT salad from @marthstewart this was on last week’s plan, but I didn’t get a chance to make it as we ate out unexpectedly one night last week.
  • Spinach and feta turkey burgers with cauliflower mash from @sara.haven this recipe can be found directly on her Instagram feed.  I am going to make the kids some mashed potatoes and add some steamed beans on the side.
  • Mediterranean beef rice bowl from @mysequinedlife I will be using ground elk instead of ground beef for this recipe.

I used up the last of my canned pumpkin today and made another batch of pumpkin muffins from @cookieandkate.  We cannot get enough of these muffins, I don’t top the muffins with oats, but dot each one with some chocolate chips.  I have another muffin recipe I need to try, and if there is time tomorrow I will bake them.  When I was away I found some Halloween M & Ms that are called ghouls mix, I’m thinking of making some blondies with these.  The regular grocery list will return next week.

Happy cooking,

Weekly meals Oct. 7 – Oct. 11

Meal updates from last week:
Favourites from last week were: Shepherd’s pie and the chicken buddha bowls.  We enjoyed the turkey sloppy joe’s, and I didn’t end up making the lo mein as we decided to have waffles instead.  All of the pumpkin muffins from last week are gone!  I’m not sure if I will make more, or try a different recipe.  This weekend I finally got the chance to make grape jelly, and pumpkin cookies to serve to friends that came for dinner tonight.  Was a highly successful Sunday of cooking!

This week we will be eating at home Sunday-Wednesday, we are going away for the long weekend, spending time with family and enjoying a non-traditional Canadian Thanksgiving.

  • Italian bolognese sauce from @fooddotcom we ate this with spaghetti, caesar salad and fresh bread.  The sauce took a long time, but let me tell you it was worth every minute!  I didn’t realize until after I serve dinner that I forgot to add the milk to the sauce.  I am not sure that it would’ve made a big difference, perhaps it would have made it creamier?
  • Barbecued chicken with autumn glow salad from @pinchofyum it looks like Monday is going to be one of the last warmish days, so I am going to take advantage and grill some chicken.  We will eat this with a salad full of fall flavours.
  • Thai coconut curry shrimp noodle bowl from @howsweeteats I am not sure if my kids will like this meal, I am crossing my fingers and will let you know.
  • BLT salad from @marthastewart this is a family favourite that I haven’t made in a long time.  My kids love eating the homemade croutons.

I still have a cup of pumpkin left over from my muffins and cookies, if time allows I will bake another pumpkin recipe this week.  I also have a recipe for banana date muffins that I’ve been told are the best muffins ever.  I bought all of the ingredients, so stay tuned to see if they are worth all of the hype!  Today my mom dropped by and gave me a new cookbook!  I cannot wait to look through Fraiche Food, Full Hearts by Jillian Harris and Tori Wesszer, the recipes that I have looked at so far look amazing!  Shopping made easier with shopping list 108

Happy cooking and Happy Thanksgiving,


Home and away

We have been back for a few days after going to visit friends in southern Alberta.  We enjoyed soaking up some summer heat, swimming, hiking and picking strawberries.  We spent the weekend at home unpacking and now repacking for a week away with family.  We will be heading to the coast, and I cannot wait to see the ocean!  I have cooked a few meals lately that I will share with you.  I have also made a list of easy recipes that we can possibly cook while we are away on the coast.

Meals lately:

Meals while away:

Regularly scheduled meal plans and grocery lists will return next weekend, until then, enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

Happy cooking,

Weekly meals July 22 – July 26

Meal updates from last week:
We really enjoyed the pad thai and turkey meatloaf.  I always have issues cooking rice noodles, and this time was no different, half were cooked and half were hard!  The turkey meatloaf was really good and full of flavour, a perfect comfort meal.  I liked the parmesan salmon but cooked it as directed on the grill, I do not have my cook time mastered using the grill so the salmon was a little dry.  My son’s birthday cake was amazing he loved the dog, and it was worth the two hours it took me to ice the cake!

This week we will be eating at home Sunday-Thursday then we are headed out of town for the weekend.  I will be food prepping for the weekend and making some muffins and a loaf that we can take with us on the road.

  • Easy chicken gyros from @foodiecrush we will eat this with raw veggie and tzatziki.
  • We are headed to a local lake for the afternoon and then eating with friends I am going to bring this BLT pasta salad from @foodiecrush we will be eating grilled sausages with the salad.
  • Chicken fajita burrito bowl from @themodernproper another one bowl meal.
  • Sheet pan shrimp boil from @damn_delicious I am going to leave out the potatoes as my kids don’t love them.

As I have been mentioning for weeks I have a pile of spotted bananas that need to get used.  I found two interesting recipes that I would like to try: peanut butter chocolate banana loaf and blueberry banana bread.  These will be easy breakfasts that I can serve with some fresh fruit or yogurt.  Let me help you with your shopping by taking shopping list 101

Happy cooking,

Weekly meals Oct. 8 – Oct. 12

Meal updates from last week:
The meatloaf sheet pan dinner was delicious and so simple to make.  I loved the Thai ramen, my kids weren’t as impressed with them.  I think that it was because they were really saucy and sometimes my kids are put off by too much sauce.  They did really like the sweet fire chicken, but I didn’t put sauce on their chicken I kept it plain.  Last night we celebrated Thanksgiving with our family, everyone brought something and it was all amazing.  My mom hosted and cooked the turkey, stuffing and made the gravy.  My sister-in-law made the mashed potatoes, I made turnips and birthday cake, my aunt made maple soy glazed brussels sprouts and butternut squash and my grandma made the Pumpkin Pie.

This week we will be eating at home Monday-Friday, my son started playing basketball and his games are all on Friday night, meaning that we will need to eat at home or grab a quick dinner out.

  • BLT salad with buttermilk dressing from @marthastewart I have shared this recipe many times before and it never disappoints.
  • Pork fried rice from @rachaelrayshow I have made this recipe before and it was a hit!  My daughter is off meat unless it is ground, so this paired with her other favourite food rice will be a winner for sure!
  • Sloppy joe tacos from @gimmesomeoven my son has been asking for tacos and this recipe goes a little bit beyond the traditional taco.  I like to eat mine over a bed of shredded lettuce topped with some broken tortilla chips.
  • Grilled chicken kale salad with peanut vinaigrette from @skinnytaste this is a new salad for us, but as you know I love a dinner salad.
  • Grilled chicken sausage with roasted potatoes and cauliflower.  I will serve this with some grainy and Dijon mustards.  My kids will dip their sausage and potatoes in ketchup.

Last week I had another chance to use pumpkin in some baking, I made a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  I left half on the counter, which were eaten in days, and I froze the rest to gift to my son’s teacher.  They were soft and chewy with a hint of spice, I didn’t add the walnuts instead added a new more chocolate chips!  Dinner List 70 will help with this week’s shopping.

Happy cooking,