Weekly meals April 16 – April 20

Meal updates from last week:
I was very pleased with all meals from last week.  I especially loved the spring salad and the steak and rice pilaf.  My son didn’t like the rice but enjoyed the steak,my daughter loved the rice and didn’t like the steak:)  My husband loved the hot ham, cheese, bacon and onion buns.  He said that they were even better the next day warmed up for lunch.  I added another meal last week that I posted on Instagram, we loved the spicy shrimp tacos with cilantro lime slaw!  This weekend I made pizza and elk burgers.  If you have never eaten elk then you must try.  It is the leanest meat that I have ever eaten.

This week we will be eating at home Monday-Thursday.  I didn’t get a chance to make the bagels last week, so I am going to give them a try this week.  We don’t have plans for the weekend, but we haven’t had sushi takeaway in a while.

  • Pork meatballs with Chinese noodles from @donnahay this recipe is from her Simple Dinners cookbook, but a similar recipe from Donna Hay can be found here.
  • Dijon butter salmon rice bowls from @howsweeteats  I love a good one bowl dinner!
  • Piri piri chicken from @smittenkitchen I am not sure if I will spatchcock a whole chicken, or just use thighs and drums.  We will eat this with grilled corn and asparagus.
  • Chicken parm dippers from @delish I will serve this with steamed broccoli.

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Weekly meals April 9 – April 13

Meal updates from last week:
All meals from last week were great, I especially liked both bowls.  I supplemented the egg roll bowls with some steamed rice.  The Greek sheet pan meal is so delicious!  You must make tzatziki to go on top.

This week we will be eating at home Sunday-Thursday, Friday I will be out for dinner with a friend and then we have company staying with us on Saturday night.  I would imagine that I will cook something for us on that night.  If the weather person is correct then spring is going to show-up this week!  Everyone in our house couldn’t be more excited about it.

  • Vegetarian noodle bowl from @sandycoughlirne we ate this tonight and the kids loved the noodles.  In the broth I added shiitake mushrooms, baby bok choy and shredded carrots.  I topped the bowls with mini peppers, snap peas and a drizzle of sriracha.  This is the second ramen recipe that I’ve tried and I have to say that I liked the garage noodles better.
  • Steak with pomegranate pilaf from @rachelraymag it says to cook the steak in a frying pan, but as it is supposed to be nice I am going to grill mine.  We will see what the kids think of this recipe?!
  • Spring chicken asparagus pea salad from @aberdeenskitchen I cannot wait to try this recipe, it just looks like spring on a plate!
  • Grilled pizza with a caesar salad (no recipe for this)
  • Hot ham and cheese sandwiches with bacon and caramelized onions from @pinchofyum we will eat these with some raw veggies.  I am not using swiss cheese, instead I will use havarti as my kids prefer the taste.

We went to a small gathering last night and I brought a simple strawberry and spinach salad.  I used this recipe, but added some blackberries and no feta.  My son has been on a bagel and cream cheese kick lately.  I have no problem buying bagels, but two people who I know have made homemade ones and said they are easy and delicious.  I have made many recipes from @skinnytaste and I’m never disappointed, so I am going to attempt to make her easy bagel recipe.  Stay tuned for the results!  Don’t forget to print Dinner List 50

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*Spicy shrimp tacos with garlic cilantro lime slaw*

Weekly meals April 2 – April 6

We are just home from ten days in the California sun.  Enjoying some heat in the desert and some sun and surf on the coast.  It was so nice to take a break from routine, eat out more and cook less!  If you follow me on Instagram then you will know that I did cook some, and shared the recipes with you via my feed.  Alas, we are back to cold, snow, school and work.  We will be eating at home Monday-Thursday as for the weekend, well I am not sure about that yet.

If you were late to do your weekly grocery shopping like I was then print Dinner List 49.

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Weekly meals Mar. 19 – Mar. 23

Meal updates from last week:
I absolutely loved the kale caesar salad!  The croutons were delicious and the addition of avocado gave it just a little bit of creaminess.  We also enjoyed the turkey and swiss sloppy joes.  We went to friends on Saturday night and I made some salad rolls.  I decided to only use vegetables in my rolls: julienned zucchini, cucumber, yellow pepper, carrot, avocado along with mint and basil.  On the side I served some peanut dipping sauce, I used this recipe from @ohsheglows.  I also made some cookies this weekend, by the looks of the container I think that they have been a hit!

This is a bit of a different week as we are leaving for holidays mid-week.  We ate at home this evening, and it was a family favourite of classy chicken to kick off the week.  We will be eating at home Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday we are heading to warmer weather for some family time in the sun.  I am unsure what the rest of the week will look like for meals, but I will update any new recipes I make or try while we are away.

As my meal plan for this week is so short I am not adding my grocery list.  When we return from holidays it will be back to blogging as usual.

Happy cooking,

Weekly meals Mar. 12 – Mar. 16

Meal updates from last week:
All meals from last week were great!  We especially enjoyed the potato puffs from the Shepherd’s pie soup, I think that these would be a great make ahead potato dish to serve at Thanksgiving or Christmas.  The ramen were so delicious, my son didn’t really like the sauce but loved the noodles and veggies.  The Stromboli was a great make ahead meal for our swimming night.  The stew was also very flavourful and we loved the addition of kale and sweet potato, it made the stew more filling.

This week is a very busy week in our house, and thank goodness we are starting it off all healthy.  It looks like this week we will be enjoying some plus degree temperatures, so that means it’s time to fire up the grill!  We will be eating at home Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and possibly Friday.

  • BBQ’d sausage and hotdogs with sautéed onion and peppers.  I will also serve some raw veggies on the side as well as a salad for the adults.  I will sauté the onion and peppers on my grill hot plate that I have told you about before.  This plate is so versatile, we use it for many things: breakfast, pizza and veggies.
  • Avocado kale caesar salad from @whatsgabycooking I will also grill some chicken to serve on top of the salad.  I have shared before that my kids don’t like salad, so they will have chicken with some veggies.
  • Turkey and swiss sloppy joes from @cookinglight we will eat these with a side salad and possibly waffle fries.
  • It’s always good to have ingredients for a recipe just in case, so in the event that we are home on Friday for dinner I will be making Greek chicken gyros from @halfbakedharvest

Once again I made another batch of the vanilla almond granola, and for some reason this time it turned out even better than the last two times!  My blueberries were starting to turn so on Saturday I made these muffins.  The crumb topping on these muffins is amazing.  We are going to friends on Saturday I am taking these summer rolls with peanut dipping sauce.  With everything green coming this weekend I was thinking of making these!  Don’t forget to print the Dinner List 48 to help you with your shopping.

Happy cooking,

Weekly meals Mar. 5 – Mar. 9

Meal updates from last week:
By far our favourites from last week were the chicken fajita bowls and the Thai meatball lettuce wraps.  The kids devoured the meatballs, which means I will be making this recipe again!  I also made another batch of the almond granola, this time I added some sunflower seeds.  Delish!  I also made the lemon yogurt cake, it didn’t turn out exactly like the recipe because I forgot to toss the blueberries in flour.  Thus, all of the berries fell to the bottom of the pan.  It tasted delicious but caved in a little in the middle.

This week we will be eating at home Monday-Thursday.  We don’t have any plans this weekend so I am not sure what meals will look like on Friday and Saturday.

I have plans to make another batch of granola, and I will probably make a double batch as we are going through it so quickly.  The blueberries looked so good again this week, so I bought a ton with this recipe in mind.  I also have some carrots in the fridge that need to get used, and what better way than a tasty muffin or even a breakfast cookie.

Don’t forget to print the Dinner List 47 before heading to the store.

Happy cooking,


Weekly meals Feb. 26 – Mar. 2

Meal updates from last week:
In my husband’s words, “you killed dinner this week!”  Although we really liked all the recipes from last week our favourites were the pulled pork and the salmon cakes.  For the pork I used two pork tenderloin instead of pork shoulder and I think that it turned out very well.  The salmon cakes were delicious, I didn’t add the capers as I knew that the kids wouldn’t like them, but they did love the salmon!  I also made the whole wheat banana muffins, which were the best wheat muffins that I have ever tasted.  The granola recipe that I posted last week I didn’t end up using, instead I used on from @sallysbakeblog it was great and got eaten in less than a week.  To her vanilla almond granola I added: 1/2 c. of unsweetened coconut, 1/2 c. dried cherries and 2 tbsp. chia seeds.  I absolutely love the addition of dried cherries in granola.  This weekend we went to friends for an Indian themed dinner party.  We were all asked to bring a dish so I made samosa potatoes and cucumber raita.  My best friend made this coconut cauliflower curry that was outstanding!  If you like curries then you need to try this one.

This week we will be eating at home Sunday-Thursday.  We don’t have plans for the weekend so I will leave Friday and Saturday night open, I’m sure that there will be take -out eaten on one of those nights.  For dinner tonight we ate barbecued burgers, raw vegetables with dip and some fries.  My husband and son ate their burgers in buns, while I ate mine in a lettuce cup.

  • Chicken fajita bowls from @chelseasmessyapron as you probably already know I love a one bowl dinner, I can’t wait to try this one.
  • Thai meatball lettuce wraps from @jocooks my son loves eating things in lettuce cups so I know that he will love these.  I am also going to make some brown rice to add to our wraps.
  • Slow cooker chicken pot pie soup from @pinchofyum this is actually not a recipe that Lindsay developed, it was a contest that she had for readers to submit recipes and this is the winning one!
  • Thai noodles with chicken and broccoli, this is a recipe that I have shared before and it comes from Anne Lindsay’s Light Kitchen Cookbook.  My family loves this pasta, and it is great served hot or cold.  Most times when I make the recipe I don’t add the chicken, sometimes I add more veggies like snap peas and peppers.

I will be making another batch of the vanilla almond granola, it is a great addition to our weekday breakfast options.  A great weekend breakfast option is this waffle french toast from @weelicious.  I have also been thinking of making some homemade goldfish crackers, only because the graham crackers that I made were so good!  I also bought a huge container to blueberries today and really want to bake this lemon yogurt cake.  Once spring finally decides to show up I think that I will celebrate by making this colourful kale salad.  Head to the store with Dinner List 46 to make your life easier.

Happy cooking,