Make and take

This past weekend I hosted my first make and take evening.  What you may ask is make and take?  It is another name for meal prepping.  I had four girlfriends over to prepare three dinners and one snack.  All meals were freezer friendly, cooking directions were either oven baked or crock pot.  We began by having some grilled flat bread, veggies, fruit and a glass of wine.  Then, I divided the girls into two groups and we tackled the recipes.  My job was to find recipes, grocery shop, facilitate cooking and do the dishes.  One group used the stove while the other group worked on non cooked recipes.  Once done they switched stations.  We ended the night making the snack together.  Two hours later the ladies left with three delicious family friendly meals,  and a snack that they could have for breakfast or give their kids after school.  I was so pleased with how the night went, there was lots of laughs and strangers became friends.  I am hoping to host another make and take very soon!  If you were to host a make and take what recipes would you use?  Let me know by posting on the blog.

Happy cooking,