Weekly meals July 27 – July 31

Meal updates from last week:
Our favourite meals from last week were the shrimp bowl, and  the chicken and peach skewers.  I haven’t had a lot of luck making coconut rice, I find that it never tastes that coconuty, this was the same for this recipe.  I LOVED the grilled peaches with the chicken they turned out so well.  We also really liked the peach pecan crumble, my son finished off the entire pan.  I ended up making a simple charcuterie on Friday night, all ingredients were bought from the @italianctryyc and it was amazing!  We had peaches, prosciutto, basil, focaccia, olives, tomatoes and burrata.  Flavours were outstanding!  Saturday night we went out for dinner to a local spot that has just reopened called The Goose, food was so good, and you can sit on their patio social distance style.  If you live in the SW then check it out.

This week we will be eating at home Monday to Wednesday, we are going out of town for a few nights and will be back at the beginning of the weekend.  Next week is our daughter’s birthday and she has requested a Paw Patrol cake (insert scared face here!).  I am going to bake the pieces of the cake tomorrow so that it is done, and then will freeze it.  I find that icing a mostly frozen cake is much easier as you don’t get so many crumbs.  As always I will be using our favourite chocolate cake recipe with pudding frosting.

  • Baja grain bowls from @howsweeteats I made these tonight and they were amazing!  There isn’t any protein with this recipe so I bought some frozen tempura shrimp, baked them off and served them on top of the rice.  They were a great accompaniment to the bowl.  I really liked the dressing and would make it to serve on a salad.
  • Grilled chicken, vegetable and avocado salad board from @weelicious this is a new recipe from Catherine that sounds amazing!  I’m not going to be using eggplant as it is not a favourite in our house, instead I bought a yellow and green zucchini.
  • Roasted sausage tomato and peach supper from @thedaleyplate since it is peach season I need to take advantage!  I went to the Farmer’s Market on the weekend and stocked up on peaches, so I am ready to cook and bake with them.

I am not sure what the cooking plan is while we are away, but here are a few other recipes that I have on my must-try list:
Grilled salmon with citrus salsa
Coconut lime chicken
Zucchini ribbon pizza with chicken
Buttermilk blueberry breakfast cake

The grocery list will return next week.

Stay healthy,


Weekly meals June 29 – July 3

Meal updates from last week:
My meals didn’t go as planned last week, we decided to go out for our first restaurant dinner since COVID.  Our son had golf lessons and then we went to Brown’s Social House,  there were very minimal patrons, but food was really good and service was great.  I loved the watermelon salad that I made last week.  Our favourite meal was the Mexican pizza, it was a hit with the kids and so easy to make.  I never made the strawberry salad, but I did make the couscous salad with lime basil vinaigrette.  I was going to substitute brown rice instead of couscous but I ended up leaving it out and added some avocado.  It was amazing!  I served the salad with marinaded grilled chicken thighs from @littlebrokenblog

This week I am taking a break from my traditional recipe searching, and listing our favourite family meals.  I will be back next week with all new recipes for you to try.  For now give our tried and true recipes some love!

Happy cooking and Happy Canada Day!


Weekly meals June 22 – June 26

Meal updates from last week:
We enjoyed all meals from last week, and almost all were from @skinnytaste.  Our favourites were the buffalo chicken salad and the Asian noodles with chicken.  My kids devoured the noodles, and both went back for seconds.  We also loved the crispy shrimp bowls, I have made this recipe before and it doesn’t disappoint.

This was the first week in a long time that we haven’t done takeout and that’s because we ended up going camping for the weekend.  We went with another family, so we divided the grocery list and meal prep so it would be easier.  Here was our menu:

Friday: grilled Spolumbos sausage, corn on the cob, roasted potatoes with onions.  Everything was cooked on the outside stove and on the camp fire.  We made s’mores using the celebration cookies that already have the chocolate on them.
breakfast: all the berries, yogurt and granola.  The kids ate cereal and fruit.
lunch: wraps with meat, cheese and all of the veggies.  We also had hummus and more fruit.
dinner: taco salad, the meat was precooked so only needed to be heated and added a can of corn.  Served with lettuce, a salsa of avocado, tomatoes and cucumbers.  Topped with sour cream, cilantro, cheese, hot sauce and chips for dipping.  Kids got to make s’mores cones, fill waffles cones with marshmallows and your choice of chocolate.  Wrap with tin foil and warm over the fire.  Marshmallows will be soft, and chocolate will be melted.  These are so good!
breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit and bread with peanut butter as we didn’t have a toaster.

We had an amazing time and the food was so good!  It is much easier to divide the shopping and the meal prep especially when there is more than one family.  Just because you go camping doesn’t mean that you only have to eat hot dogs, be creative, plan and eat well!  For Father’s Day we had the beef keftas from @amandafrederickson served with grilled pita, Greek salad, hummus and tzatziki.  For dessert there was peanut butter pie from @pioneerwoman and my gramma’s apple pie.

This week we will be eating at home Monday-Thursday, we don’t have plans for the weekend, but I would imagine that we will do takeout one night.

  • Grilled chicken thighs seasoned with cajun seasoning and topped with bbq sauce, tater tots, baked beans and an arugula watermelon salad.
  • Couscous salad with lime basil vinaigrette from @pinchofyum I will serve this with some sautéed shrimp.  I don’t plan on using couscous for the salad as we don’t love it in our house, instead I will make some brown rice.
  • Mexican pizza from @estaceydos to supplement this meal I will add some avocado, sour cream and shredded lettuce.
  • Strawberry spinach salad with chicken and avocado from @foodiecrush loving a dinner salad especially as the weather gets warmer.

I don’t have any plans to bake this week, but that hasn’t stopped me before.  I have a few bananas that are getting spotty, and I have been thinking about making some protein balls so stay tuned!  There isn’t a grocery list for this week as I am a day late, it will be back next week.

Happy cooking,


Weekly meals June 8 – June 12

Meal updates from last week:
Every meal from last week was great!  I didn’t end up making the sushi bowls, but I will be making them in the near future.  Both pork dishes from last week were great, the sliders with grilled pineapple were delicious.  The pork tacos were outstanding.  The pork brought a different flavour to the tacos, paired with the apple slaw it was a perfect combination.  We also really liked the mango salad.  I will make any and all of these recipes again soon.

On Friday night we ordered takeout from Brown’s Social House, this has been the best takeout that we have gotten since COVID began.  Some of the dishes were tired were: crispy ramen, Szechuan beef bowl and southwest bowl.  All dishes were great.  Saturday we spent the day riding bikes and then had salmon, roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts and creamed spinach for dinner.  I also made a strawberry rhubarb crisp and some mini chocolate chip cookies.  

This week we will be eating at home Monday-Thursday, we have no plans for the weekend we will see as we get closer.

I bought a ton of blueberries at the grocery store with the intention of making a batch of muffins.  I am not sure what recipe I will use, but I still have some buttermilk left in the fridge.  There isn’t a grocery list this week it will be back next week.

Happy cooking,


Weekly Meals May 25 – May 29

Meal updates from last week:
We really enjoyed the Greek chicken thighs with Greek salad, hummus and pitas, but our most favourite meal from last week was the pad Thai, it was outstanding!  I purchased the shrimp from the Calgary Farmer’s Market, they were huge and added so much to the dish.  I didn’t have a chance to make the Mediterranean linguine, I will let you know when I try it out.  This weekend we ordered food from Cactus Club and Mercato Mission, the food from Mercato was outstanding!  We ordered a simple pasta with tomato sauce, grilled pork ribs and sautéed green beans with shallots.  I would order from them again soon, and they also do pizza takeout.

This week we will be eating at home Sunday to Thursday, we will probably do takeout or BBQ on the weekend.  The weather is supposed to be really nice this week, so I am going to try and use the grill a lot.  Tonight we had elk burgers, coleslaw, baked beans and corn on the cob.

  • Chicken gyros salad from @smittenkitchen this salad sounds delicious, and as always my kids will eat all the components minus the lettuce.
  • Minestrone with kale and turkey sausage from @foodnetwork I have made this soup many times before, and it has been gobbled up by all!  When I use sausage in any recipe I always buy Spolumbos sausages.
  • Spring roll bowls with grilled chicken from @littlebrokenblog you know that I love a one bowl meal!
  • Chicken caesar burgers from @iowagirleats I haven’t made these in a long time, they are so easy and packed with flavour.  I will serve tater tots and a green salad on the side.

Last week I made a batch of good morning protein cookies from @weelicious they were really good, and a great snack to have on hand.  I ate one smeared with peanut butter for breakfast on the weekend.  I have a few spotted bananas that need to be used, so I think that I will try to make some muffins.  One of my favourite banana muffin recipes is from @cookieandkate they are a one bowl recipe and you can choose to add chocolate chips or blueberries.  Shop safely with Dinner List 130

Happy cooking,

Weekly meals April 13 – April 17

Meal updates from last week:
Two meals from last week were a huge hit, the blackened salmon with goddess sauce and the minestrone soup.  My kids loved the soup so much that they asked me to make it again this week!  When they ask for a meal again, I will ALWAYS make it.  We also liked the bbq chicken with pineapple salsa, it was the perfect meal to enjoy on the nicest day last week.  Today we enjoyed celebrating Easter, I made some bunny cinnamon buns and a quiche for breakfast.  We relaxed this afternoon and then enjoyed a lovely meal together.  I served brown sugar glazed ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans and pickled beets.  For dessert we had a slice of lemon curd blondie bar with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

This week, just as last week, we will be eating at home Sunday to Thursday.  We have been ordering food for dinner on Friday and Saturday, and I can’t see that changing this week. Homeschooling and working from home continues, we are hoping that the weather improves this week so we can get outside and enjoy some sunshine.

I baked a banana bread, lemon curd blondie bars and made granola last week, so I’m not sure that I will be attempting any baking this week.  I did buy a big bag of Meyer lemons, so there may be a lemon loaf in the works, but we will see how much time I have.  I am having technical issues with my word program, so the grocery list will be back next week.

Stay healthy, stay safe

Weekly meals April 6 – April 10

Meal updates from last week:
As I mentioned last week, the flank steak was amazing as was the salsa verde.  Recipes that we liked from last week were the spicy pork soup, turkey chili and the chicken fried rice.  My kids really enjoyed the chili and the fried rice.  I also had the chance to make my gramma’s boiled raisin muffins as well as a banana bread from the Fraiche Food, Full Hearts cookbook.  We had takeout on Friday and Saturday night both brought to our door contactless by Doordash.  We ordered from Una Pizza and Wine as well as Globefish Sushi,  both meals were very good, and even better that I didn’t have to cook!

This week will continue to look like the last two, kids are home, I am home working, but my husband will also be home as he is taking a week off.  School work will be done, crafting and lots of outside time as it looks like the weather is going to improve.  As we look toward Easter weekend I will share with you some recipes that I am going to try.

I cannot believe that Easter is this weekend!  With everything that has been going on in the world it has been hard to focus on big celebrations, knowing that we won’t be spending them as we traditionally would.  I have some baking plans for this week: carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and lemon curd blondie bars.  We are not sure what Easter dinner will look like, but it would be nice to have some desserts to enjoy and drop off to friends.  I am also going to prep the crust for a quiche to eat on Easter Sunday along with some bunny cinnamon rolls from @thebakermama.  I will keep the quiche simple, maybe just ham and cheese with a little spinach.  We will enjoy this meal after the kids hunt for eggs on Sunday.  For Easter dinner I haven’t made any decisions, possibly a small ham with some potatoes and a citrus salad.  When I have a menu planned I will share it with you.  Eggs will also be dyed this week in preparation for the bunny!  My kids and husband devoured the energy balls and granola I made in the last two weeks, I have all of the ingredients for round two, so if time allows I will also make those.  Hoping that everyone is safe and healthy, enjoy another grocery list 125

Happy Easter,


The new normal

I realize in this time of uncertainty that we are trying to all go about our lives as ‘normal’ as possible, but the reality of the situation is that life is so different.  I needed to take a few days and think about how I was also going to change now that life is different, I am spending so much time at home, and my job as a teacher is changing by the minute.  I’ve decided that I would continue to post my weekly menu as people will still need to eat!  I will also be sharing some different activities that I plan to work on with my kids age 3 and 9.

Meal updates from last week:
Three of the recipes from last week were amazing!  The shrimp BLT, chicken cacciatore and spicy ramen were all outstanding.  The shrimp were crispy and crunchy, paired with the salty bacon and creamy dressing.  The cacciatore came together so quickly, we ate it over egg noodles, and there were tons of leftovers for lunch (this is a great recipe to make a freeze).  I LOVED the ramen recipe, I added mushrooms and spinach to the bowl, and next time would even toss in some tofu.

This week is the beginning of a different kind of living, so with that being said we will be eating at home for the foreseeable future.  I know that it is Tuesday, I will share the recipes I have already cooked this week, as well as what I have in my freezer and pantry for ‘just in case’.

  • Hamburger soup from @bestofbridge we ate this with buns and tortilla chips.  This is a great pantry staple recipe.  If you feel like adding any extra frozen veggies that would be a great idea.
  • Smoky pork tenderloin with sweet potatoes from @cookinglight I served this with some steamed green beans, but baked beans would also work very well.  This is another good pantry recipe, as it requires very little ingredients.
  • Bangers and mash, as today is St. Patrick’s Day I am trying to bring the Irish to us.  I will grill spicy Italian sausages as well as hotdogs (for the kids), then serve them alongside some mashed potatoes and a simple green salad.  If you were going to go really traditional then peas would be your side dish.  Find inspiration here.
  • Ground turkey teriyaki rice bowl from @yellowblissroad I will serve this with steamed rice and cauliflower rice.
  • Spicy sausage and kale soup from @thefeedfeed I will being using mild sausage as my kids don’t like spicy.

Usually at this point I would share that we will be doing takeout or going out for dinner, but I guess that is all uncertain at this time.  We may take advantage of Doordash or Skip the Dishes if they are still available, but if not then we will continue to cook and eat at home.  Here are a few things that I have in my freezer: bread, bagels, cheese buns, ground turkey and beef, sausages, hotdogs, chicken breasts, broccoli, edamame, corn, pizza, pirogies, mixed fruit and the most important ICE CREAM!  In my pantry I am stocked with beans, tomatoes, soup, chicken stock, pasta, macaroni, crackers, granola bars and lots of cereal.  I also have baking essentials as my kids love to bake and I have a feeling we will be doing it a lot!

For the kids:
Today all of our morning activities were themed around St. Patrick’s Day, my daughter (3) did some print making with the bottom of a red pepper dipped in green paint.  She made different patterns with the pepper.  Then she traced the letter S with cheerios.  We talked about words that start with the letter s.  My son (9) created a 3D shamrock using paper strips, essentially you make them into hearts and then attach them altogether.  He finished the morning with a word search and a word scramble.  Then we headed out for a walk and some sunshine, after lunch my son did origami and my daughter napped.  It is my daily goal to keep them as far away from the t.v. as possible.  I have ordered a JUMP math book for my son, so that we can continue his math skills, I also ordered a book that he is studying in class.  We will have some daily book club together.  This is how far I have come with a plan for moving forward, but I will continue to share recipes and learning activities with you.

Stay safe and healthy,

Weekly meals March 2 – March 6

Meal updates from last week:
We really enjoyed the chicken piccata as well as the Korean chicken.  I loved the tofu stir fry, my son didn’t like the sauce but ate all of the tofu.  My daughter didn’t even try the tofu this time?!  The balsamic salad was a perfect side dish for our grilled sausages, I tweaked the recipe a little bit as we ran out of blackberries.  I ended up using blueberries and raspberries, and made the dressing with some blackberry balsamic instead of blending whole blackberries.  I don’t think that it made a huge difference in the taste at all.  We spent the weekend away in the mountains with friends skiing and enjoying some down time.  On Friday night dinner was waiting for us when we arrived, it was a bowl of chicken enchilada soup, such flavour and so delicious.  Saturday night I made a sheet pan of sausage, peppers and gnocchi. This is a recipe that I have shared before, so simple and so good, it also makes great left overs.

This week we will be eating at home Sunday-Thursday, Friday we are going out for dinner with friends, Saturday we don’t have any plans.  The weather is beginning to change and we are starting to think about spring sports and spending more time outside!

I don’t have any plans to bake this week, but I did have a chance to make a batch of banana blueberry muffins last week.  I also picked up a box of spring Rice Krispies and a bag of marshmallows because I just couldn’t resist and I  know my kids would love to help make them.  Get ready to shop with grocery list 121

Happy cooking,

Weekly meals Feb. 24 – Feb. 28

Meal updates from last week:
All recipes from last week were winners!  The soup was one of the biggest hits, and tasted even better the next day.  The kids also really enjoyed the soup, so we will have that one again soon.  The sweet potato bowls were my favourite recipe, my kids were meh with it, but you can’t win them all.  I added some corn, used feta instead of corjita and didn’t char the peppers.  The stir fry was the easiest recipe of the week, I added riced broccoli/zucchini and shredded some carrots as well.  If you’re looking for a really quick weeknight meal then you must try it.

My husband and I spent the weekend in Vegas, enjoying some sun, shopping and food.  We ate at a few new places: Spago at the Bellagio, FIVE50 Pizza Bar at the Aria, Bardot Brasserie at Aria and Zuma at Cosmo.  The food was great at all places, service was outstanding at Spago and Zuma.  The best food we ate was at Zuma, it is modern Japanese and outstanding!

Now we are back home for a week of school and work.  We will be eating at home Sunday-Thursday and then we are heading away to ski for the weekend.

  • Easy Chicken piccata from @foodiecrush we will eat this with mashed potatoes and steamed beans.
  • Cashew tofu stir-fry from @gimmesomeoven I will serve this with some steamed rice.  Last time I made tofu my son gobbled it up, so I am hoping that it will be the same this time.
  • Korean chicken with coconut rice from @howsweeteats I am not going to make the coconut rice, instead I will use the leftover rice from the previous night.
  • BBQ sausage, baked beans and blackberry balsamic salad with goat cheese from @closetcooking the weather this week is going to be glorious, so I am opting to grill dinner one night.  The salad does call for grilled chicken but I am going to omit as I will be serving sausages.

I am planning to bake this week, so that I can take it with us when we go skiing this weekend.  Blueberries were plentiful at the store this week, so I am thinking of the banana blueberry muffin or loaf.  Ready for shopping with Dinner List 120

Happy cooking,