Weekly meals July 20 – July 24

I’m back!!  I know that it has been a while since my last post, but we were road tripping and enjoying some family time.  We’ve been home less than a week, but have been busy celebrating my son’s 10th birthday.  Full birthday meal and cake recap will come later.  We cooked every meal while we were away and as promised I will share my dinner ideas with you:

  • pre-made kebabs (purchased from Save On Foods) served with salad
  • pizza cooked on the grill using naan bread as the base
  • grilled sausages, potatoes, peppers and onions
  • BBQ chicken salad from @skinnytaste
  • Turkey tacos made into taco salad from @culinaryhill
  • Homemade fish and chips (I didn’t make this meal, but provided slaw and roasted potatoes and carrots as side dishes)

Once we got home I couldn’t wait NOT to cook, so last week for our anniversary we ordered sushi to have with the kids.  We ended the week eating home cooked meals since I had some time to do some recipe searching.  We had zucchini turkey burgers from @bigdeliciouslife you can find the recipe right on her Instagram feed, and skillet chicken with rice, zucchini and corn from @bevcooks.  My son requested homemade pizza for his birthday on Sunday, so I bought dough from CO-OP and all of the necessary toppings and we did make your own pizza night.  For his cake I used my go-to chocolate cake recipe with pudding frosting and made it into a bowl of popcorn.  It turned out so well, way better than I had expected.

This week we are eating at home Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, my husband and I are going to friends for dinner Tuesday and Friday my son is having a small group of kids for a drive in movie in the backyard.

  • Easy grilled enchilada chicken from @thismessisours I served the chicken in corn tortillas with a simple pico de gallo and some sour cream, and added some gilled corn on the side.  You can make your own enchilada sauce but I opted to buy some from the store.  This meal is so quick and easy and would be great made into a salad.
  • We are out for dinner but I am taking dessert, I have a box of peaches and decided to make a peach and pecan crisp from @smittenkitchen, her recipes never disappoint.
  • Shrimp bowl with coconut cilantro lime rice and pineapple salsa from @twopeasandpod this is a new bowl recipe that I can’t wait to try!
  • Grilled chicken and peach kebabs from @aimeebourque I will serve these with some roasted potatoes and green beans.

Since I have so many peaches I am going to try to bake a few other things besides the crisp.  A long time ago I made peach cobbler scones from @joythebaker and they were amazing.  I also found a recipe for peach upside-down cake that looks divine!  If I find any other peach recipes I will pass them along.  After a long hiatus the grocery list 133
is back!

Stay safe,

Weekly meals July 6 – 10

I hope that everyone had a nice weekend and is ready to tackle a summer Monday!  We are planning a family road trip this week, and we are very excited for an adventure. We will be doing a lot of cooking, but I am not yet sure what that will look like, or what recipes will be simple and easy to make.  I will do a full recap when we are home.  Tonight I served a simple pasta will sautéed shrimp, I have made this recipe before from @amandafrederikson and it is delicious.  I am not sure what I will serve for the days leading up to out road trip, but I will be sure to keep it simple.

As I have shared before, I LOVE a salad for dinner.  My kids don’t love lettuce, but they always eat all of the salad components.  This week I will share my most favourite dinner salads.  I have made every recipe save for one.

Wishing you a wonderful week, stay healthy and safe,


Weekly meals June 15 – June 19

Meal updates from last week:
Last week I didn’t follow my meal plan as I usually do.  I made the tortilla soup and it was amazing.  I cooked the sausage and served it with grilled asparagus and a spinach salad.  The other meals that I had planned I didn’t end up making, so I will save the cobb salad and cauliflower bowl recipes for a later date.

This week we will be eating at home Sunday-Thursday, we planning a weekend camping trip if all goes as planned and the weather holds.  This weekend we ordered from Globefish Sushi and Browns Social House, both meals were really good.  It will be very strange to eat out in a restaurant again after we haven’t been in so long!  Most recipes this week are from Gina Homolka’s Skinnytaste Cookbook.  Sometimes it’s inspiring to look through cookbooks and get dinner ideas.

  • Teriyaki pork chops Teriyaki pork 2 from @skinnytaste I served these tonight with sesame noodles and an Asian slaw.  The pork was delicious, her recipe says to grill for 6-7 minutes a side, my pork loin chops were small so I grilled them for 4 minutes a side.  They were perfectly cooked.
  • Buffalo chicken salad Buffalo chicken salad 2 again from @skinnytaste I love a good dinner salad and I think this one will be great.
  • Naked Greek feta-zucchini turkey burgers from @skinnytaste I am going to serve these with a large Greek salad.
  • Crispy shrimp bowl from @joyous.apron I made this not that long ago and it was so good I decided to make it again.  My kids and husband will eat theirs in a bun.
  • Asian peanut noodles with chicken from @skinnytaste I make a very similar dish from Anne Lindsay, but it is always nice to try something different.  I don’t usually add the chicken but this time I am going to add it.

Last week I made a batch of buttermilk blueberry muffins with cinnamon streusel, I’ve tried a lot of blueberry muffin recipes and this one was great!  There was only one difference and that was I used vegan butter instead of regular butter.  I bought it on a whim, but really wanted to give it a try, and it made the muffins so soft and fluffy!  I don’t have any plans to bake this week, but if we are planning on camping I might make a batch of protein balls. Dinner List 132 ready for the taking!

Stay safe and healthy,

Weekly meals April 27 – May 1

Meal updates from last week:
We LOVED the baja grain bowls from last week, I served them with sautéed shrimp that I  seasoned with cumin and chili powder.  We topped our bowls with plain yogurt.  We also really like the Korean beef bowls, there weren’t any leftovers from either of these meals.  I didn’t have a chance to make the chicken parmesan sandwiches, but it is still on my to-make list.  On Friday night we ordered burgers from Fatburger as well as pizza from UNA, it was a choose your own adventure for dinner.  Saturday night we did beef and turkey tacos with pico de gallo.

This week we are eating at home Sunday-Thursday, we will most likely do takeout on Friday and Saturday.  The weather this week is supposed to be really nice, so I am going to try to use the grill as much as I can.  I am going to try to plant some of my garden this week, most of the root vegetables can be planted as they are more hearty and can withstand frost.

  • Flanksteak with salsa verde from Whitewater Cooks cookbook, we just had this recipe a couple of weeks ago but I had to make it again.  The salsa verde is amazing!  We had baked potatoes, sautéed mushrooms and grilled asparagus with the steak.  For dessert I made a small batch of peanut butter rice krispie treats, I used a recipe from @dessertfortwo.
  • Thai noodles with chicken and broccoli from Anne Lindsay, this is a family favourite and my son has been asking to have this for dinner.  I don’t usually add chicken to this recipe, instead I add more veggies like edamame or whatever I have in the fridge/freezer.
  • Cashew crunch salad with sesame dressing from @pinchofyum I will grill some chicken to serve with this salad.
  • Rosemary lemon chicken patties from @thedaleyplate I am going to use grand turkey in this recipe instead of chicken.  On the side I am going to serve fries with slaw or Greek salad.
  • Crispy shrimp bowl from joyous.apron when I serve these bowls to the kids I will omit the sweet chili sauce as it will be too spicy for them.

I used one of my spotted bananas to bake some small-batch chocolate banana muffins, this is a simple but delicious recipe.  I don’t have any plans to bake this week, but I am sure that I will be doing some.  Stay tuned! Grocery list 127 

Stay safe and stay healthy,

Weekly meals April 13 – April 17

Meal updates from last week:
Two meals from last week were a huge hit, the blackened salmon with goddess sauce and the minestrone soup.  My kids loved the soup so much that they asked me to make it again this week!  When they ask for a meal again, I will ALWAYS make it.  We also liked the bbq chicken with pineapple salsa, it was the perfect meal to enjoy on the nicest day last week.  Today we enjoyed celebrating Easter, I made some bunny cinnamon buns and a quiche for breakfast.  We relaxed this afternoon and then enjoyed a lovely meal together.  I served brown sugar glazed ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans and pickled beets.  For dessert we had a slice of lemon curd blondie bar with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

This week, just as last week, we will be eating at home Sunday to Thursday.  We have been ordering food for dinner on Friday and Saturday, and I can’t see that changing this week. Homeschooling and working from home continues, we are hoping that the weather improves this week so we can get outside and enjoy some sunshine.

I baked a banana bread, lemon curd blondie bars and made granola last week, so I’m not sure that I will be attempting any baking this week.  I did buy a big bag of Meyer lemons, so there may be a lemon loaf in the works, but we will see how much time I have.  I am having technical issues with my word program, so the grocery list will be back next week.

Stay healthy, stay safe

Weekly meals April 6 – April 10

Meal updates from last week:
As I mentioned last week, the flank steak was amazing as was the salsa verde.  Recipes that we liked from last week were the spicy pork soup, turkey chili and the chicken fried rice.  My kids really enjoyed the chili and the fried rice.  I also had the chance to make my gramma’s boiled raisin muffins as well as a banana bread from the Fraiche Food, Full Hearts cookbook.  We had takeout on Friday and Saturday night both brought to our door contactless by Doordash.  We ordered from Una Pizza and Wine as well as Globefish Sushi,  both meals were very good, and even better that I didn’t have to cook!

This week will continue to look like the last two, kids are home, I am home working, but my husband will also be home as he is taking a week off.  School work will be done, crafting and lots of outside time as it looks like the weather is going to improve.  As we look toward Easter weekend I will share with you some recipes that I am going to try.

I cannot believe that Easter is this weekend!  With everything that has been going on in the world it has been hard to focus on big celebrations, knowing that we won’t be spending them as we traditionally would.  I have some baking plans for this week: carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and lemon curd blondie bars.  We are not sure what Easter dinner will look like, but it would be nice to have some desserts to enjoy and drop off to friends.  I am also going to prep the crust for a quiche to eat on Easter Sunday along with some bunny cinnamon rolls from @thebakermama.  I will keep the quiche simple, maybe just ham and cheese with a little spinach.  We will enjoy this meal after the kids hunt for eggs on Sunday.  For Easter dinner I haven’t made any decisions, possibly a small ham with some potatoes and a citrus salad.  When I have a menu planned I will share it with you.  Eggs will also be dyed this week in preparation for the bunny!  My kids and husband devoured the energy balls and granola I made in the last two weeks, I have all of the ingredients for round two, so if time allows I will also make those.  Hoping that everyone is safe and healthy, enjoy another grocery list 125

Happy Easter,


Weekly meals March 9 – 13

Meal updates from last week:
We loved the soy-glazed chicken with pickled cucumbers, very simple and full of flavours and textures.  The turkey patties were also very good, but that Mexican quinoa was amazing!  Such a great salad to serve during the spring and summer, and a perfect addition to a BBQ or potluck.

This week we will be eating at home Sunday-Thursday, we don’t have any plans this weekend but hope to get out one more time for a ski.  Our kids are wrapping up their winter activities and then we move into soccer and baseball!  Tonight we ate sliders with fries, beans and a citrus salad, it was the perfect way to end our weekend.

  • Crispy shrimp BLT salad from @rachaelray we love the BLT salad from @marthastewart so I’m hoping that this one is as good.
  • Chicken cacciatore from @cafedelites I was looking for a recipe to cook and take to my gramma’s house for dinner.  I think that this will be the perfect recipe.  I will serve this with some egg noodles for the kids.
  • Spicy Thai peanut ramen from @rabbitandwolves my kids don’t love ramen so I will make them spaghetti or linguine noodles to have with the broth and veggies.
  • Pizza buns from @rebecca_simpleasthat I will serve these with salad and raw veggies for the kids.  I used to make theses buns all of the time for a quick and simple weeknight meal, but I totally forgot about that recipe so we will give it another try.

I don’t have any plans for baking this week, I did make some spring rice krispie squares today for Sunday dinner.  They have some limited edition ones that include blue and green rice krispies, I topped them with some green sprinkles.  Haven’t made these in such a long time, and believe that I could eat the entire pan!  Don’t leave home without grocery list 122

Happy cooking,

Weekly meals Jan 27 – Jan. 31

Meal updates from last week:
The crispy tofu bowls were amazing!  You wouldn’t even have known that you were eating tofu.  My son gave them a try and loved them, he just ate the tofu without the Thai sweet chili sauce as he thought it was too spicy.  I will be making these again very soon.  The sloppy joe tacos were also a family hit.  The kids ate theirs with hard shell tacos, and I made mine into a salad.

This week we will be eating at home Sunday-Thursday, we continue to stay busy with kid’s activities and family skiing on the weekend.  February is a jam packed month, full of travel, ski trips, my birthday and Valentine’s Day.  It is going to be a good one!

Blueberries are plentiful right now, so it might be time for some muffins or a loaf.  We will see what the week brings. Grocery list 118

Happy cooking,

Happy 2020!

After Christmas and a lovely holiday in the Californian sun, I am back!  It’s time to dive into 2020, try some new recipes and cook even more.  I survived hosting Christmas for 22 people, but only because I had so much help.  It was a resounding success, but I don’t need to host next year 😉  While on holiday I cooked many times, we also got a chance to eat out as well and were hosted by others.  Here are a few recipes that I tried: crispy sheet pan gnocchi with sausage, fresh winter greens and citrus salad, chocolate peanut butter pie, citrus salad with pistachios and maple vinaigrette and berry lemon cheesecake cookie cups.  The citrus in California was amazing!  Grapefruit, lemons, limes and a multitude of oranges, my son loved the blood oranges.  I tried my best to take advantage of what was in season and use it as much as possible.  Now, we we are back in Calgary just about to start the coldest weather of winter.  BRRRRRR!

This week we are eating at home Monday-Thursday, I am meeting friends for dinner Friday and we don’t have plans Saturday.  Our activities all start up again this week, both kids are swimming, my daughter has dance and son has ball.  It is a busy but exciting time of year.

  • Sheetpan sausage supper from @foodnetwork we ate this last night, but I substituted broccoli for the Brussels sprouts.  The kids didn’t love this meal, they did eat the sausage and the broccoli.
  • Cashew shrimp and mango stir fry from @howsweeteats I added some edamame and snap peas to boost the vegetables.
  • Chorizo crumble from @cleaneating we will eat this as a taco salad with all of the fixings.  I will add some tortilla chips for dipping.
  • hamburger soup from @bestofbridge I have shared this too many times to count, but the temperature is going to dip down and we are going to need a comforting meal.  We usually eat this with cheese buns for dipping.

I’ve shared in the past, that I struggle to make and enjoy lunch meals.  Today I decided to start off 2020 by making a large batch salad and then divide it out for the week.  It did take some prep time, but I think it will be well worth the effort.  I made quinoa broccoli slaw from @cookieandkate I didn’t realize until I got home that I bought couscous instead of quinoa.  I used the couscous and it turned out really well.  I will add a dollop of hummus to the bowl and some rice crackers, and that will be lunch for the rest of the week!  I hope that I can do this at least every other week so that my home and work lunches are more exciting and enjoyable.  I won’t have time to bake this week, but possibly on the weekend I will make some banana muffins.  With it being so late into the week I won’t be posting my grocery list, but it will be back next week.

Happy cooking,

Weekly meals Nov. 11 – Nov. 15

Meal updates from last week:
We LOVED the mediterranean salmon as well as the zuppa Toscana.  The soup got even better sitting in the fridge and was delicious for lunch.  I had made the caprese chicken before and it was a hit once again.  Pair it with a caesar salad and some parmesan pasta and your kids will gobble it up!

This week we will be eating at home Sunday-Wednesday, I will be out on Thursday and then my husband and I are heading out of town for the weekend.  The cold weather broke today and it looks like the rest of the week will be a lot warmer.  Below I will share recipes that I made for Sunday and Monday dinner, plus the rest of my weekly recipes.

  • Thai slow cooker chicken and wild rice soup from @sweetpeasandsaffron we ate this with cheese buns for dipping.  This soup is amazing!  I only use two Tbsp of curry paste as I don’t want it too spicy for the kids.  This makes a big amount of soup, so invite friends or freeze the leftovers.
  • Caramel shrimp with coconut rice from @cookingforkeeps I didn’t have a chance to make the rice as it was a basketball night, so I served this with brown rice, edamame and green beans.  I decided to half the sauce and there was still enough for four servings.
  • Stuffed Italian mini meatloaves from @iowagirleats I will serve this with some green beans and a salad.
  • Sausage and veggie sheet pan, I have shared recipes for this before, but tonight I am going to keep it simple and roast everything together.  I am going to use broccoli and potatoes as my veg, I like to slice the potatoes on a mandolin, they turn into baked potato chips that my kids devour.  Here are some other sheet pan meals: sausage and greens, sausage and veggies and healthy sausage and veggies.

As I mentioned last week, I have started to think about my holiday baking, I even put a few Christmas decorations up today!  My husband always heads home in late November and I like to send some homemade goodies for his dad and grammas.  As always I will be making and sending nuts and bolts, this is a simple yet delicious holiday treat.  In the past I have made cookies and a couple of years ago I made turtles, this year I think I am going to make peppermint or turtle bark.  Both recipes come together in less than twenty minutes, but look and taste like you spent way more time!  I will make sure to update when I have decided/made the recipes.  There will be no time for any baking in this house this week.  My son just finished the pumpkin muffins that I had in the freezer, I still have a lemon blueberry loaf that I made in late summer.  Once that is gone then I know it is time for more baking 😉

Happy cooking,