Weekly meals Jan. 20 – Jan. 25

Meal updates from last week:
My husband and I loved the pork chops with mushrooms, I wasn’t sure when I was reading the recipe if a sauce made with coconut milk was going to go well with mushrooms, but it was so delicious.  My kids aren’t huge fans of mushrooms, but they ate the pork with rice.  We also enjoyed the Korean beef, I made the cauliflower rice in the skillet and added mushrooms, snap peas and spinach, they were the perfect addition to the bowl.  My kids devoured the chocolate chunk banana olive oil cake!  I will be making this again very soon.  I also made them a peanut butter banana smoothie one day after school, I added three pitted dates, one frozen banana, soy milk and a couple tablespoons of peanut butter, and let me tell you it tasted like dessert!  We went to friends for dinner on Saturday and I made a small snack platter for the kids and goat cheese stuffed bacon wrapped dates with rosemary honey, a very simple but delicious recipe.

This week is a full one, and my husband is heading out of town.  Kids continue their two activities each and then we will try to ski on Sunday as we did today.  We will be eating at home Sunday-Thursday, we don’t really have weekend plans, possibly a date night with my husband.

  • Slow cooker Thai chicken and wild rice soup from @sweepeasandsaffron this was a set it and forget it meal.  I put everything into the slow cooker this morning before leaving for skiing, when we arrived home this afternoon it was cooked and ready to eat!
  • BBQ mild Italian sausage with oven roasted veggies and waffle fries.  Our cold weather has broken and I am excited to shovel off the BBQ and cook some dinner.  I have a head of cauliflower leftover from last week that I will roast with a couple other veggies, and serve them alongside sausage and fries.
  • Crispy tofu bowl from @fraicheliving this will be a big stretch for my kids, but I am hoping that at least exposing them to a meat alternative will be a positive experience?!  I have no idea, but I am really excited to try this recipe.
  • Sloppy joe tacos from @gimmesomeoven I have shred this recipe before, it is simple and tasty.  Kids will eat theirs in hard shells and I will eat mine as a salad.\
  • Greek lemon roasted chicken thighs from @lemonblossomsblog I will serve this with a simple salad and some parmesan pasta for the kids.

I don’t have any plans to bake this week, although my freezer is still full of brown bananas!  We will see if I find the time.  Grocery list 117

Happy cooking,

Weekly meals Nov. 11 – Nov. 15

Meal updates from last week:
We LOVED the mediterranean salmon as well as the zuppa Toscana.  The soup got even better sitting in the fridge and was delicious for lunch.  I had made the caprese chicken before and it was a hit once again.  Pair it with a caesar salad and some parmesan pasta and your kids will gobble it up!

This week we will be eating at home Sunday-Wednesday, I will be out on Thursday and then my husband and I are heading out of town for the weekend.  The cold weather broke today and it looks like the rest of the week will be a lot warmer.  Below I will share recipes that I made for Sunday and Monday dinner, plus the rest of my weekly recipes.

  • Thai slow cooker chicken and wild rice soup from @sweetpeasandsaffron we ate this with cheese buns for dipping.  This soup is amazing!  I only use two Tbsp of curry paste as I don’t want it too spicy for the kids.  This makes a big amount of soup, so invite friends or freeze the leftovers.
  • Caramel shrimp with coconut rice from @cookingforkeeps I didn’t have a chance to make the rice as it was a basketball night, so I served this with brown rice, edamame and green beans.  I decided to half the sauce and there was still enough for four servings.
  • Stuffed Italian mini meatloaves from @iowagirleats I will serve this with some green beans and a salad.
  • Sausage and veggie sheet pan, I have shared recipes for this before, but tonight I am going to keep it simple and roast everything together.  I am going to use broccoli and potatoes as my veg, I like to slice the potatoes on a mandolin, they turn into baked potato chips that my kids devour.  Here are some other sheet pan meals: sausage and greens, sausage and veggies and healthy sausage and veggies.

As I mentioned last week, I have started to think about my holiday baking, I even put a few Christmas decorations up today!  My husband always heads home in late November and I like to send some homemade goodies for his dad and grammas.  As always I will be making and sending nuts and bolts, this is a simple yet delicious holiday treat.  In the past I have made cookies and a couple of years ago I made turtles, this year I think I am going to make peppermint or turtle bark.  Both recipes come together in less than twenty minutes, but look and taste like you spent way more time!  I will make sure to update when I have decided/made the recipes.  There will be no time for any baking in this house this week.  My son just finished the pumpkin muffins that I had in the freezer, I still have a lemon blueberry loaf that I made in late summer.  Once that is gone then I know it is time for more baking 😉

Happy cooking,

Weekly meals Feb 25 – Mar. 1

Meal updates from last week:
We enjoyed all of the meals from last week, but my favourite was the cauliflower rice chicken biryani.  I’ve never had/made cauliflower rice and I loved it!  It may just be my new healthy hack.  The best part is that my husband also loved the cauliflower rice and said he didn’t miss the real thing at all.  The baked shrimp was another hit with my family, I served them over top of egg noodles.  I think that it would also be great served with crusty bread.

This week we will be eating at home Sunday-Thursday, and this weekend we are off to the mountains to spend time with friends and get some skiing in.  The polar vortex continues to encircled our city, and it looks like this week is going to be no different from the rest of the month.

  • Tonight we ate a simple meal of pizza with caesar salad.  I used Pillsbury pizza crust as my base, for the kids I added pepperoni and added peppers, prosciutto, olives and banana peppers to the adult side.  If you’ve never tried the pillsbury dough give it a try, it is super tasty and very affordable.
  • Slow cooker Thai chicken and wild rice soup from @denise_sweetpeasandsaffron I have made this soup many times and we love it!  I usually make the kids a piece of toast to dip in their soup.
  • Greek meatballs from @recipe_tin we will eat these with a Greek salad and some brown or cauliflower rice.
  • Salmon burgers with avocado salsa from @laughingspatula I will serve tater tots and a simple green salad on the side.
  • Honey mustard chicken salad with bacon and avocado from @cafedelites I have made this salad many times and it is always a hit.  My favourite part of this recipe is that the marinade and dressing are one in the same.

Today I tried a new banana muffin recipe, and as far as I can taste they are very good.  I was looking for a muffin that included a lot of fibre as I am constantly trying to get my daughter to eat more fibre.  What is also different about this recipe is that there are no eggs or sugar.  Here’s to hoping that the kids like them as well.  I am in charge of the meal this Saturday apres-ski so I am making chicken enchiladas with chips and salsa and guacamole.  Take Dinner List 87 to the store with you.

Happy cooking,

Weekly meals Nov. 26 – Nov. 30

Meal updates form last week:
The autumn chopped salad was amazing!  I saved the leftover dressing and made a salad for lunch the next day.  We also enjoyed the salmon, my son ate three pieces!  We went to friends for dinner on Saturday, I was asked to bring dessert so I tried a new scotcheroo recipe.  It was a winner, the entire plate was devoured.  You can find the recipe on www.thekitchn.com  We ate dinner at my parent’s house tonight, my dad was in charge of all the protein.  We had panko crusted ling cod with pan-fried pheasant.  On the side we had roasted brussels sprouts and coleslaw.  The fish is my absolute favourite!

This week we are eating at home Monday-Thursday, Friday night we are hosting a gingerbread party but have decided that we will order in.  We will be drinking my new favourite holiday drink, the pomegranate prosecco smash!  We have no plans Saturday, but Sunday we will head out-of-town to cut our Christmas trees.  This is an annual tradition, and something that we all look forward to every year.

  • Thai slow cooker chicken and wild rice soup from @denise_sweetpeasandsaffron I love this soup, and it tastes even better the next day.
  • Burrito bowls, I bought a package of ground turkey that I will cook with some garlic, cumin and chili powder.  I will serve this over some cilantro lime rice and then top the bowls with tomatoes, cheese and avocado.
  • Sticky honey garlic butter shrimp from @therecipecritic I will serve this with two kind of veggies.  Probably some steamed broccoli and roasted carrots.
  • Unstuffed pork chops from @foodnetwork we will eat these with a green salad and some roasted potatoes.

I made two different kinds of Christmas cookies last week, one was a flop and the other turned out very well.  I shared the recipe for the shortbread with jam filling, these were the ones that did not work at all.  I actually ended up throwing them out.  I started fresh the next day and made a batch of crispy chocolate cherry cookies.  If you are looking for a simple holiday cookie then this is it.  Take the Dinner List 76 shopping with you.

Happy cooking,