Weekly meals June 29 – July 3

Meal updates from last week:
My meals didn’t go as planned last week, we decided to go out for our first restaurant dinner since COVID.  Our son had golf lessons and then we went to Brown’s Social House,  there were very minimal patrons, but food was really good and service was great.  I loved the watermelon salad that I made last week.  Our favourite meal was the Mexican pizza, it was a hit with the kids and so easy to make.  I never made the strawberry salad, but I did make the couscous salad with lime basil vinaigrette.  I was going to substitute brown rice instead of couscous but I ended up leaving it out and added some avocado.  It was amazing!  I served the salad with marinaded grilled chicken thighs from @littlebrokenblog

This week I am taking a break from my traditional recipe searching, and listing our favourite family meals.  I will be back next week with all new recipes for you to try.  For now give our tried and true recipes some love!

Happy cooking and Happy Canada Day!


Weekly meals Jun 1 – June 5

Meal updates from last week:
Two of the recipes from last week were amazing!  The chicken gyros salad and the spring roll bowls.  The chicken marinade for the spring roll bowls was outstanding, paired with some rice, lettuce, cucumber, carrot and a yogurt dressing this bowl was one of the best.  As always we really liked the kale and sausage soup, this is a soup that my kids do enjoy, which is rare because soup is not their favourite.  We did Thai takeout on Friday night and then had chicken sandwiches with potato salad on Saturday night.

This week we will eat at home Sunday to Thursday, it has been our COVID pattern to do takeout one night on the weekend and then stay in for the other.  I am serving pork twice this week just to change things up a little.

  • Beef kefta with hummus and tomato and cucumber salad from @amandafrederickson I served this meal tonight and it was great!  I didn’t make the tomato and cucumber salad, instead I made a Greek salad.  I also used store bought hummus, as I didn’t have enough time to make homemade.  This recipe would be good with any ground meat, I think that lamb would pair great with these flavours.
  • Hawaiian pork and pineapple sliders from @cookinglight I will serve these with raw veggies and tater tots.
  • Mango chicken salad from @diethood as with all dinner salads my kids will eat all of the components minus the lettuce.
  • Pork tacos with apple slaw from @saltandlavender I haven’t ever used pork to make tacos so I am excited to try this new recipe.
  • Teriyaki salmon sushi bowl from @myglutenfreeguide this bowl has all of the ingredients I love!

I don’t have any plans to bake this week, I do have leftover buttermilk that I don’t want to waste, so possibly something with blueberries and the buttermilk.  My rhubarb is also growing so well this year!  This week I might have to cut and bake with my rhubarb.  Shop safely with Dinner List 131

Stay healthy,

Weekly Meals May 25 – May 29

Meal updates from last week:
We really enjoyed the Greek chicken thighs with Greek salad, hummus and pitas, but our most favourite meal from last week was the pad Thai, it was outstanding!  I purchased the shrimp from the Calgary Farmer’s Market, they were huge and added so much to the dish.  I didn’t have a chance to make the Mediterranean linguine, I will let you know when I try it out.  This weekend we ordered food from Cactus Club and Mercato Mission, the food from Mercato was outstanding!  We ordered a simple pasta with tomato sauce, grilled pork ribs and sautéed green beans with shallots.  I would order from them again soon, and they also do pizza takeout.

This week we will be eating at home Sunday to Thursday, we will probably do takeout or BBQ on the weekend.  The weather is supposed to be really nice this week, so I am going to try and use the grill a lot.  Tonight we had elk burgers, coleslaw, baked beans and corn on the cob.

  • Chicken gyros salad from @smittenkitchen this salad sounds delicious, and as always my kids will eat all the components minus the lettuce.
  • Minestrone with kale and turkey sausage from @foodnetwork I have made this soup many times before, and it has been gobbled up by all!  When I use sausage in any recipe I always buy Spolumbos sausages.
  • Spring roll bowls with grilled chicken from @littlebrokenblog you know that I love a one bowl meal!
  • Chicken caesar burgers from @iowagirleats I haven’t made these in a long time, they are so easy and packed with flavour.  I will serve tater tots and a green salad on the side.

Last week I made a batch of good morning protein cookies from @weelicious they were really good, and a great snack to have on hand.  I ate one smeared with peanut butter for breakfast on the weekend.  I have a few spotted bananas that need to be used, so I think that I will try to make some muffins.  One of my favourite banana muffin recipes is from @cookieandkate they are a one bowl recipe and you can choose to add chocolate chips or blueberries.  Shop safely with Dinner List 130

Happy cooking,

Weekly meals May 18 – May 22

Meal updates form last week:
My husband and I loved the mushroom bowls with kale pesto, and as I noted on my Instagram my kids didn’t eat them!  I didn’t get a chance to make the BBQ chicken thighs as we had beef burritos instead.  The salmon was also delicious, I used regular pasta instead of soba noodles.  I did make a large batch of hummus using my newest kitchen appliance.  It turned out really well, a great way to get my daughter some much needed protein.  She isn’t really a meat eater, so I try to get her to eat hummus, edamame, nuts and beans as much as possible.  Every once and a while she will surprise us and take back some chicken or beef, but that is a rarity.

This weekend we did sushi takeout from Globefish, Asian pork tenderloin and takeout tacos from Native Tongues.  I will share our Monday meal below.  This week we will be eating at home Monday-Friday, we usually do takeout Friday nights, but I found a recipe that I might try instead of doing takeout.  Saturday we will do takeout for sure.

  • Greek marinaded chicken thighs from @playswellwithbutter we ate the grilled chicken with a Greek salad, grilled pitas and hummus.
  • Grilled Spolumbos mild Italian sausages with corn, tater tots and raw veggies.
  • BLT salad with buttermilk dressing from @marthastewart this is a salad that I make a lot.  My kids like to eat all of the ingredients except for the lettuce.  I usually make them a quesadilla to supplement their meal.
  • Pad Thai, I haven’t decided which recipe I am going to use.  They are both pretty similar, so it will either be this one or this one.  I am going to use prawns as my protein.
  • Mediterranean Linguine from the Earl’s cookbook, I have had this book for a while, but I haven’t cooked anything out of it.  As per a recommendation from a friend I am going to try this recipe.

I made a small dessert tonight, it was another recipe from @dessertfortwo.  I really love her recipes, and what I love even more is that they are small batch recipes, so there isn’t a ton leftover.  I have a lot of spotted bananas, so what better way to use them, then in a banana sheet cake with cream cheese frosting.  It was amazing, the only thing that I would change would be to decrease the amount of sugar.  The recipe calls for 1 cup of white sugar, next time I will try with 3/4 cup.  If you haven’t ever gone to her website then you need to go now, so many great small batch recipes.  I still have three more bananas that need to be used, so I think that I will try to make good morning protein cookies from @weelicious.  I am sure that I can convince my kids to eat cookies for breakfast!  I don’t have any other plans to bake this week, but that has never stopped me before.  There isn’t a grocery list this week, it will be back next week.

Stay healthy and stay safe,

Weekly meals April 27 – May 1

Meal updates from last week:
We LOVED the baja grain bowls from last week, I served them with sautéed shrimp that I  seasoned with cumin and chili powder.  We topped our bowls with plain yogurt.  We also really like the Korean beef bowls, there weren’t any leftovers from either of these meals.  I didn’t have a chance to make the chicken parmesan sandwiches, but it is still on my to-make list.  On Friday night we ordered burgers from Fatburger as well as pizza from UNA, it was a choose your own adventure for dinner.  Saturday night we did beef and turkey tacos with pico de gallo.

This week we are eating at home Sunday-Thursday, we will most likely do takeout on Friday and Saturday.  The weather this week is supposed to be really nice, so I am going to try to use the grill as much as I can.  I am going to try to plant some of my garden this week, most of the root vegetables can be planted as they are more hearty and can withstand frost.

  • Flanksteak with salsa verde from Whitewater Cooks cookbook, we just had this recipe a couple of weeks ago but I had to make it again.  The salsa verde is amazing!  We had baked potatoes, sautéed mushrooms and grilled asparagus with the steak.  For dessert I made a small batch of peanut butter rice krispie treats, I used a recipe from @dessertfortwo.
  • Thai noodles with chicken and broccoli from Anne Lindsay, this is a family favourite and my son has been asking to have this for dinner.  I don’t usually add chicken to this recipe, instead I add more veggies like edamame or whatever I have in the fridge/freezer.
  • Cashew crunch salad with sesame dressing from @pinchofyum I will grill some chicken to serve with this salad.
  • Rosemary lemon chicken patties from @thedaleyplate I am going to use grand turkey in this recipe instead of chicken.  On the side I am going to serve fries with slaw or Greek salad.
  • Crispy shrimp bowl from joyous.apron when I serve these bowls to the kids I will omit the sweet chili sauce as it will be too spicy for them.

I used one of my spotted bananas to bake some small-batch chocolate banana muffins, this is a simple but delicious recipe.  I don’t have any plans to bake this week, but I am sure that I will be doing some.  Stay tuned! Grocery list 127 

Stay safe and stay healthy,

Weekly meals April 6 – April 10

Meal updates from last week:
As I mentioned last week, the flank steak was amazing as was the salsa verde.  Recipes that we liked from last week were the spicy pork soup, turkey chili and the chicken fried rice.  My kids really enjoyed the chili and the fried rice.  I also had the chance to make my gramma’s boiled raisin muffins as well as a banana bread from the Fraiche Food, Full Hearts cookbook.  We had takeout on Friday and Saturday night both brought to our door contactless by Doordash.  We ordered from Una Pizza and Wine as well as Globefish Sushi,  both meals were very good, and even better that I didn’t have to cook!

This week will continue to look like the last two, kids are home, I am home working, but my husband will also be home as he is taking a week off.  School work will be done, crafting and lots of outside time as it looks like the weather is going to improve.  As we look toward Easter weekend I will share with you some recipes that I am going to try.

I cannot believe that Easter is this weekend!  With everything that has been going on in the world it has been hard to focus on big celebrations, knowing that we won’t be spending them as we traditionally would.  I have some baking plans for this week: carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and lemon curd blondie bars.  We are not sure what Easter dinner will look like, but it would be nice to have some desserts to enjoy and drop off to friends.  I am also going to prep the crust for a quiche to eat on Easter Sunday along with some bunny cinnamon rolls from @thebakermama.  I will keep the quiche simple, maybe just ham and cheese with a little spinach.  We will enjoy this meal after the kids hunt for eggs on Sunday.  For Easter dinner I haven’t made any decisions, possibly a small ham with some potatoes and a citrus salad.  When I have a menu planned I will share it with you.  Eggs will also be dyed this week in preparation for the bunny!  My kids and husband devoured the energy balls and granola I made in the last two weeks, I have all of the ingredients for round two, so if time allows I will also make those.  Hoping that everyone is safe and healthy, enjoy another grocery list 125

Happy Easter,


Weekly meals March 9 – 13

Meal updates from last week:
We loved the soy-glazed chicken with pickled cucumbers, very simple and full of flavours and textures.  The turkey patties were also very good, but that Mexican quinoa was amazing!  Such a great salad to serve during the spring and summer, and a perfect addition to a BBQ or potluck.

This week we will be eating at home Sunday-Thursday, we don’t have any plans this weekend but hope to get out one more time for a ski.  Our kids are wrapping up their winter activities and then we move into soccer and baseball!  Tonight we ate sliders with fries, beans and a citrus salad, it was the perfect way to end our weekend.

  • Crispy shrimp BLT salad from @rachaelray we love the BLT salad from @marthastewart so I’m hoping that this one is as good.
  • Chicken cacciatore from @cafedelites I was looking for a recipe to cook and take to my gramma’s house for dinner.  I think that this will be the perfect recipe.  I will serve this with some egg noodles for the kids.
  • Spicy Thai peanut ramen from @rabbitandwolves my kids don’t love ramen so I will make them spaghetti or linguine noodles to have with the broth and veggies.
  • Pizza buns from @rebecca_simpleasthat I will serve these with salad and raw veggies for the kids.  I used to make theses buns all of the time for a quick and simple weeknight meal, but I totally forgot about that recipe so we will give it another try.

I don’t have any plans for baking this week, I did make some spring rice krispie squares today for Sunday dinner.  They have some limited edition ones that include blue and green rice krispies, I topped them with some green sprinkles.  Haven’t made these in such a long time, and believe that I could eat the entire pan!  Don’t leave home without grocery list 122

Happy cooking,

Weekly meals Feb. 3 – Feb. 7

Meal updates from last week:
We enjoyed all of the meals from last week, but especially liked both sheet pan dinners.  The shrimp fajitas were so easy to make and had a ton of flavour.  I loved the cauliflower mash that we ate with the mini meatloaves, my kids had no idea that they were eating cauliflower and not potatoes!  The brown rice bowl was a quick and easy weeknight meal, and it made for some delicious lunches for the rest of the week.

This week we are eating at home Sunday-Thursday, Friday we are heading away for a ski weekend.  Last night we hosted some friends for Super Bowl dinner.  We kept it really simple as we had all spent the morning on the ski hill.  We made a large veggie tray with hummus, chicken enchilada nachos and then a football shaped cheesecake ball for dessert.  I will be packing lots of snacks, dry goods and a lemon loaf for our weekend away.  We are going to eat out a couple of times and then cook one night.

  • Greek lemon oven roasted chicken thighs from @lemonblossomsblog I had this just recently on my weekly meal plan, but I never got the chance to make it.  I served the thighs with roasted potatoes and green beans.  Very flavourful dish!
  • Grilled Thai pork tenderloin with soba noodle salad from @howsweeteats I will be using boneless pork loin for this dish and also substituting regular pasta noodles for the soba noodles.
  • We went out for dinner on Friday to Craft Beer Market, and I was pleasantly surprised with my meal.  I ordered the Cali bowl and added grilled chicken.  I loved it so much that I am going to try to recreate it at home.  Stay tuned!  Ingredients are: kale, beets, chickpeas, brown rice, green beans, cucumber with a soy-sriracha dressing.
  • Chicken BLT burritos with creamy southwest sauce from @melskitchencafe I was looking for a quick and easy weeknight meal and I think that this is the one!  I’m not sure if I will serve these with some raw veggie or add some waffle fries as well.

I don’t have plans to bake this week, but I have been thinking about making some carrot muffins.  If I can find the time I will bake a batch and take them with us this weekend.  There is no grocery list this week.

Happy cooking,


Weekly meals Jan. 20 – Jan. 25

Meal updates from last week:
My husband and I loved the pork chops with mushrooms, I wasn’t sure when I was reading the recipe if a sauce made with coconut milk was going to go well with mushrooms, but it was so delicious.  My kids aren’t huge fans of mushrooms, but they ate the pork with rice.  We also enjoyed the Korean beef, I made the cauliflower rice in the skillet and added mushrooms, snap peas and spinach, they were the perfect addition to the bowl.  My kids devoured the chocolate chunk banana olive oil cake!  I will be making this again very soon.  I also made them a peanut butter banana smoothie one day after school, I added three pitted dates, one frozen banana, soy milk and a couple tablespoons of peanut butter, and let me tell you it tasted like dessert!  We went to friends for dinner on Saturday and I made a small snack platter for the kids and goat cheese stuffed bacon wrapped dates with rosemary honey, a very simple but delicious recipe.

This week is a full one, and my husband is heading out of town.  Kids continue their two activities each and then we will try to ski on Sunday as we did today.  We will be eating at home Sunday-Thursday, we don’t really have weekend plans, possibly a date night with my husband.

  • Slow cooker Thai chicken and wild rice soup from @sweepeasandsaffron this was a set it and forget it meal.  I put everything into the slow cooker this morning before leaving for skiing, when we arrived home this afternoon it was cooked and ready to eat!
  • BBQ mild Italian sausage with oven roasted veggies and waffle fries.  Our cold weather has broken and I am excited to shovel off the BBQ and cook some dinner.  I have a head of cauliflower leftover from last week that I will roast with a couple other veggies, and serve them alongside sausage and fries.
  • Crispy tofu bowl from @fraicheliving this will be a big stretch for my kids, but I am hoping that at least exposing them to a meat alternative will be a positive experience?!  I have no idea, but I am really excited to try this recipe.
  • Sloppy joe tacos from @gimmesomeoven I have shred this recipe before, it is simple and tasty.  Kids will eat theirs in hard shells and I will eat mine as a salad.\
  • Greek lemon roasted chicken thighs from @lemonblossomsblog I will serve this with a simple salad and some parmesan pasta for the kids.

I don’t have any plans to bake this week, although my freezer is still full of brown bananas!  We will see if I find the time.  Grocery list 117

Happy cooking,

Weekly meals Dec. 16 – Dec. 20

Meal updates from last week:
We really enjoyed the chicken buddha bowls, but my husband and I loved the crunchy baked chicken.  It was salty, crunchy and creamy.  Neither of the kids liked the chicken, I think because the sauce was made from Swiss cheese which isn’t their favourite.  I will be making the recipe again.

We are on the home stretch to the holidays.  This is the last week of school for my son, child care for my daughter and work for me.  We will be eating at home Monday-Wednesday, Thursday we are eating out after my daughter’s concert and then we are out Friday and Saturday.  I have already started to plan my Christmas dinner, which I will share in next week’s post.  My son is done basketball until the new year, so our week nights are not a busy.

  • Shake and bake with tater tots and salad.  My son and daughter love chicken done this way and it has been a long time, so we will go for a crowd pleaser for tonight’s dinner.
  • Loaded baked potato soup from @skinnytaste I have made this soup before and it is delicious!  It is lightened up by using a head of cauliflower instead of all potatoes.
  • Taco cauliflower rice skillet from @cleanfoodcrush my kids don’t love cauliflower rice so I am going to make them some brown rice to have with the turkey, corn and beans.
  • Thai noodles with chicken and broccoli from Anne Lindsay, I have all of the ingredients for this pasta so if I need to make a quick dinner on the weekend I can pull it all together.

I got a chance to make the cranberry almond shortbread last week, I still have plans to make the double chocolate peppermint cookies, and possibly Swiss Mountain Shortbread for my husband to take to work.  We will see how much time I have to get it all done this week!  Make you life easier with dinner list 115

Happy cooking,