Weekly meals May 8-12

Updates from last week:
All meals from last week were well received.  The soup as I have said before was amazing!  Classy chicken is a house favourite as well as the chicken caesar burgers.  The frittata was a quick and easy meal, but not as filling as I had hoped.  We loved the pork tenderloin, the sauce was delicious.  I did not end up making sausage and peppers as you saw on my Instagram post, instead we did nachos on the grill.  I wasn’t sure how they were going to turn out, but they ended up having a really great smoky flavour.

This week we will be eating at home Monday-Friday.  We have soccer twice this week, so I am trying to choose some easy to make recipes so that we can eat and be out the door in good time.

  • Chicken stir-fry with peanut sauce from @cookinglight this recipe has all of the flavours that I love.
  • Mini vegetable enchilada stacks from @iowagirleats this is a new recipe for me, I will serve this with a side salad.
  • We are going to have pizza cooked on the BBQ.  We invested in a hot plate for our grill last summer and it was a great decision.  We use it to cook veggies and pizza.  I am going to do cheese for the kids and meat with veggies for the adults.  Find a similar hot plate here.
  • BBQ chicken quinoa salad from @iowagirleats this is another new recipe for me.  As my son doesn’t love quinoa I will serve this with brown rice.
  • I am going to bbq sausage and serve it with this strawberry-chicken salad minus the chicken.  This is a salad that I have shared before and it is outstanding.  Take advantage of the in-season strawberries!

For breakfast this week we will be having organic cinnamon waffles from Nature’s Path. I like to serve these topped with nut butter and fruit.  I made the grain-free granola last week and we gobbled it up!  I am going to make another batch this week.  See my post from last week for the recipe.  I don’t have plans for a snack this week.  When I decide I will share it via Instagram.  Find the recipe for the triple berry banana bread here.  Print Dinner List 12 instead of writing your own!

Happy cooking,

Weekly meals April 10-April 14

There are no meal updates from last week as I shared my favourite salad meals.

We are home from holiday, so that means that I will be getting back into a routine and back into the kitchen.  It is also a short week as we celebrate Easter this weekend.  Stay tuned later in the week for my Easter menu.  We will be eating at home starting tonight till Thursday.  Friday we head to visit family for the long weekend.  We will be decorating eggs this week and making some sweet treats to take with us.

Grilled Hawaiian chicken teriyaki bowls from tastesbetterfromscratch.com I have shared this with you before, but it is too good not to make again!  I will serve this with brown rice instead of the coconut rice from the recipe.
Honey barbecue meatloaf from @andiemitchell I am always looking for a new meatloaf recipe so we will give this one a try.  I will be serving this with mashed potatoes and steamed green beans.
Chicken caesar burgers from @iowagirleats this is another recipe that I have shared before, but these burgers are so good!  We will have fries and raw veggies with our burgers.
Pita pizza, this is an easy weeknight meal idea.  Using pita or naan bread as a base top it with pizza or your favourite pasta sauce.  Then add your toppings.  This is a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen.  They can help choose their own toppings and add the cheese before they get baked in the oven.  A caesar salad will round out our meal.
Tomato basil soup with cheese tortellini from @iowagirleats this is another easy weeknight meal that is full of flavour.  Instead of making tomato soup I use Pacific organic creamy tomato soup, which is amazing!  We will eat this with a salad or some raw veggies.
Mini greek lamb burgers from @marthastewart this is an old recipe, and one that I have not tried before.  I will be using beef instead of lamb and will be making a greek salad on the side.

For breakfast this week we will be having overnight oats and cereal.  While on holidays I made my son smoothies for breakfast which he loved.  We will start this at home when the weather starts to get warmer.  Smoothie inspiration can be found on Weelicious and if you follow her on Instagram, she videos her smoothies every morning.  We will be making some Easter treats this week I think we will try this, this or maybe these.  Too many great choices I will let you know when I choose.  Make your life easier with Dinner List 9.

Happy cooking,

Weekly meals Mar. 20- Mar. 24

Meal updates from last week:
Meals from last week were all very well received.  The meatballs were by far the favourite dish, but I already knew that, having made them numerous times.  For the Thai beef I actually ended up using chicken, but it was still very yummy.  The greek style chicken burgers with homemade tzatziki were very flavourful, we will be having these again.  Both breakfast and snack recipes were also a hit.  We all loved the coconut berry muffins.

This week we will be eating in Sunday-Wednesday and then we are heading out-of-town.  Later this week is supposed to be warm so I will be firing up the bbq.

Hamburger soup from the Best of Bridge Ladies, this soup is easy and delicious!  We are having family potluck, we will be having this with salad, cheese buns and a pie for dessert.

Baked artichoke chicken from @staceysnacks I have made this sheet pan dinner many times.  It is so full of flavour, I usually serve this with roasted mini potatoes.

Egg roll bowls from @skinnytaste this recipe is from her newest cookbook called SkinnyTaste Fast and Slow  My boys will have brown rice as the base for their bowls.  I will just have mine as is.

Spiced yogurt grilled chicken skewers from Donna Hay.  Donna Hay is the Martha Stewart of Australia.  If you have never cooked any of her recipes then you need to seek them out now!  Quick, easy and full of flavour I am never disappointed.  I will serve the chicken with a greek salad and warmed pita bread.

As we are heading out-of-town I will not be making a specific breakfast or snack.  Last week I made this for lunch and loved it!  When I get home I will be trying this recipe for muffins.  I will also give these cookies a try, these come recommended from a good friend.  Print a copy of the Dinner List 8 and take it to the grocery store.

Happy cooking,

On the side

I am always looking for a great vegetable side dish.  Not just steamed carrots or broccoli, but something more exciting.  Enter the brussels sprout!  I know that many people do not enjoy the sprout, but you may want to try this recipe, I think that it will change your mind.

Bacon, shallot sprouts
Small bag of brussels sprouts (15-20) washed and cut in half
1 shallot diced small
4 slices of bacon
1 tablespoon of olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Heat a non-stick skillet to medium heat, add shallot and bacon.  Cook until the bacon just begins to render fat.  Add the sprouts to the pan and cook for 5 minutes.  While you are cooking the bacon, shallot mixture heat your oven to 375.  Remove pan from heat and transfer mixture to a baking dish.  Drizzle your olive oil over the top and season with salt and pepper.  Place in the oven for about thirty minutes, or until the edges of the sprouts begin to brown.  Serve hot.  If you are someone who enjoys salty and sweet, add a small amount of maple syrup before serving.  These are a great side dish for pork.  This recipe is from my own kitchen.  Feel free to make any changes you deem necessary.

Happy cooking,


If your house is anything like ours then homemade muffins are a big hit.  Great for breakfast, perfect in lunch boxes or for an after school snack.  The list of recipes includes my go-to banana, favourite blueberry and a raisin muffin from my grandma.  This week I also tried out a new recipe for blueberry almond muffins from @sallysbakeblog they were amazing!

Happy baking,