Weekly meals July 16 – July 20

Meal updates from last week:
Our favourites from last week were the Thai chicken with nectarine salad as well as the flattened chicken with Mexican-style street corn.  If you haven’t ever tried to make Mexican corn you are missing out!  It is delicious.  I didn’t have a chance to make the fajita foil packs as last week was very busy.

This week is another full week, friends are coming to stay with us for a couple of nights and then it is my son’s birthday on Thursday.  We will be eating at home Sunday-Wednesday we may be out for birthday dinner Thursday and then eat at home Friday.  We ended last week eating at home Friday and then going out with friends Saturday.

  • Orzo salad with grilled shrimp from @amandafrederickson we ate this last week and it was amazing!  Such a perfect summer meal that takes advantage of seasonal veggies.  This fantastic blogger does an Insta-story every week on fridge foraging, usually a very simple weeknight meal.  Check her out!
  • Honey mustard chicken, bacon and avocado salad from @buzzfeed I have made this salad before, and just like the last time it was a hit.  The chicken marinade is also the dressing for the salad.  Brilliant!
  • Blackened grilled salmon salad with pineapple salsa from http://www.joyfulhealthyeats.com everyone knows that I love a dinner salad.  My kids have been loving salmon, and who isn’t happy to grill their entire dinner.
  • Tonight we are hosting a group of friends and their kids.  I will be grilling hotdogs and sausages and then making a snack board for the kids to nibble off of.  If you are looking for snack platter inspiration then head to @weelicious to see how she creates the best and most visually appealing boards.
  • I will make pizza on the grill with a simple green salad.  Depending on how I’m feeling I will make my own dough or use a store-bought variety.  I don’t usually use pizza sauce, instead I use our favourite jarred pasta sauce.
  • Tonight is my son’s 8th birthday, he will get to choose his favourite homemade meal or we will go out.  We will be having a chocolate icebox cake in the shape of an eight to celebrate his big day.  The recipe and cake decorating is from @aimeebourque I am very excited to decorate and photograph this cake!

I had a chance to make this chocolate chip banana bread from @somethingswanky we haven’t had a chance to taste it but I will let you know what we think.  Take the Dinner List 61 to help you with your shopping.

Happy cooking,


Weekly meals July 8 – July 13

Last week we went to the lake to spend time with family.  It was wonderful to be outside all day, riding bikes, going for walks and playing at the beach.  We ate very simply and most meals were cooked on the bbq.

Last week we ate at home Friday and also this evening.  This week we will be eating at home Monday-Wednesday, I am unsure of Thursday and Friday but think we will have another home cooked meal for one of those nights.  While away I read through two new food magazines and that is where I got all my recipes for this week.

  • Grilled thai chicken with nectarine salad from @foodnetwork I served this with some steamed green beans, and let me tell you it was amazing!  The nectarine salad was outstanding.  This is a must make summer meal.
  • Korean bulgogi lettuce wraps from @cleaneatingmag this recipe is only available from their magazine but I have linked a similar one.  We loved these lettuce wraps, I also made a pot of steamed rice to make them more substantial.
  • Turkey burgers with Greek salad and waffles fries.  I usually make a very simple burger, but I always include Dijon mustard and lemon zest.  I dress my Greek salad with lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and oregano.
  • Marinated flattened chicken with Mexican-style street corn from @cleaneatingmag I cannot wait to try this recipe.  I decided against buying a whole chicken and cutting it up, I bought skin-on breasts and thighs instead.
  • Steak fajita foil packs from @cremedelacrumb1 I have made this once before and it was delicious.

I don’t have any other cooking or baking plans for this week.  Next week it is my son’s Birthday, so there will be cake baking.  We’ve decided to make a number 8 cake I am going to use a recipe I found from @aimeebourque.  I really hope that it all turns out!

Happy cooking,


*7-layer dip salad*

Weekly meals June 25 – June 29

Meal updates from last week:
We all really enjoyed the shrimp stir fry and the pork tenderloin.  The addition of the peach jam in the pork marinade made for wonderful flavour when paired with the pork.  I arrived home from my weekend away in Scottsdale last night and was not prepared to post my meal plan!  I made my plan last night and headed to get groceries this morning.

This week we will be eating at home Monday-Thursday, I also have a dinner plan for Friday just not sure we will end up doing.  Saturday we are heading out-of-town for the long weekend and part of next week.  This week some of my meals are coming from Good Housekeeping, which I read on my weekend away.  It is always nice to find recipes in written form, and not always on the web or through social media.

  • Beef and pineapple kabobs with cashew rice from @goodhousekeeping we ate this with some steamed green beans.  My kids love grilled pineapple.
  • Cobb style chicken pillars from @rachaelray the pictures of this meal look incredible!  I can’t wait to try it.
  • Chicken and red plum salad from @goodhousekeeping I love grilled stone fruit so I’m sure that I will love this salad.
  • I was inspired by @livelymeals Instagram post, and will attempt her dinner of pan seared salmon with pesto noodles and sautéed broccolini.
  • Spicy chipotle turkey burritos from @pinchofyum as with most recipes that call for chipotle peppers in adobo I omit them when preparing food for my kids.  I find that they are just too spicy for their taste.

I will be doing some meal planning for our time at the lake, as of now I am not sure what it will look like.  When I have some meals planned out I will share them with you.  The Dinner List 60 is a long one!


Weekly meals June 18 – June 22

Meal updates from last week:
Everything that we ate last week was great!  I think that my favourite was the white pizza.  It was so simple, but so delicious!  I also really loved the ramen salad, and let me tell you that this is not your typical ramen salad.  I ate the chia jam over my overnight oats as well as with granola and yogurt.  I made a batch of banana bran muffins because my daughter is in need of more fibre.  I decreased the sugar in the recipe and added some prune puree.  She really enjoyed them, which is half the battle with kids and food (especially food that is good for them).

This week we will be eating at home Monday-Wednesday, I am heading out-of-town on Thursday and will be home Sunday.  Tonight we celebrated Father’s Day by hosting my family for dinner.  I made flank steak and everyone else contributed salads and dessert.  My gramma made two pies, one Saskatoon and one rhubarb, as always they were amazing.  You can find her dough recipe by using my search function.  All three recipes for this week come from Chatelaine magazine.  I found them while I was at the gym, it made meal planning this week very easy!

I also bought them some smokies and sausages to BBQ while I’m gone.  That should take them to Saturday night, after that they are on their own!  Dinner List 59 is short this week.

Happy cooking,

Weekly meals June 11 – June 15

Meal updates from last week:
The top two meals from last were the spicy pork bowls and the honey mustard chicken salad.  I didn’t love the salmon with couscous and I needed to marinate the flank steak for longer before I grilled it.  The chicken from the salad was even better the next day, and I will be using the marinade/dressing again.

This week we are eating at home Monday-Thursday, right now we don’t have weekend plans.  With Father’s Day coming up I will share what I will be serving for breakfast and dinner.  Tonight we ate at my parent’s house, mom made cabbage rolls and bought pirogies and I brought a green salad.  The meal was delicious.  I am going to ask my mom to write out her recipe for cabbage rolls as I believe they are the best that I’ve ever had.

  • Classy chicken from The Best of Bridge, I always serve this casserole with egg noodles.
  • Chopped ramen noodle salad with grilled teriyaki turkey from @farmgirlsdabble I am a sucker for a dinner salad.  As with all salads for dinner, my kids will eat all the components except the lettuce 😉  Maybe one day they will enjoy the entire salad.
  • Burrata pistachio white pizza from @thealmondeater I will also be making a traditional red sauce pizza.  I am sure that the kids will like the red sauce better than the white pizza, but I may be pleasantly surprised.
  • Chipotle lime shrimp bowls from @foodcrush I love a one bowl dinner as much as I love a dinner salad.  These days my kids are loving shrimp so this is a perfect dinner for them.  I will probably be leaving out the chipotle as it is far too spicy for the kids.

This afternoon I made a batch of strawberry rhubarb chia jam to use in my overnight oats.  There is no sugar in this recipe, it is sweetened with strawberries and maple syrup.  I also brought a large frozen bag of Saskatoon berries from my parent’s.  With the weather a little cooler this week I may make a batch of pie dough to use with the berries and possibly some rhubarb.  Print Dinner List 58 before going to the store.

Happy cooking,

Three days in Nashville

Last month, my husband and I along with our closest friends, had to opportunity to visit Nashville for the weekend.  My husband had planned the trip in December and our friends decided to join last minute.  It made the trip even better!  We landed in Nashville early afternoon on a Friday and headed home early afternoon on a Monday.  We all decided three days was plenty of time to discover what Nashville had to offer.

Where we ate:
Rolf and Daughters, I thought that this was the best meal we had in Nashville.  It has great atmosphere and prices were very reasonable.
The Southern Steak and Oyster, we had breakfast here one morning and we were all very satisfied with our meals
404 Kitchen, we ate at the downstairs bar as we didn’t have reservations and the restaurant was full.  I ate a salad because my body was in need of some greens!  The rest of our group shared steak with beets and butter beans on the side.
Milk & Honey, we had breakfast here and the food was great.  I would strongly encourage you to make reservations as the wait can be really long.
City House, this restaurant was recommended to me.  We ended up sharing some appetizers and two pizzas.  We went on a Sunday, that’s when they have a Sunday supper menu that is different from their weekly menu.
Cafe Roze, we ate our last breakfast here before heading to the airport.  This place was on my must-go list.  It is a little ways out from downtown Nashville but well worth the drive.  They served great coffee and I had the country ham toast, which was delicious and topped with a massive mound of parm!

Where we drank and listened to music:
The L.A. Jackson in The Thompson Hotel, we went here in the late afternoon for drinks and appies.  The bar is at the very top of the hotel and the views are amazing!
Omni pool, our friends stayed at the Omni Hotel and one afternoon we sat and had a few munchies and enjoyed some drinks.  The area to sit is small but still very nice.
Oak Bar, my husband and I stayed at the Hermitage, which is one of the oldest hotels in Nashville.  Before heading out for the night we enjoyed at drink at their bar.  It is a very classic bar, but served home-made bar snacks: pickles and potato chips!

We hit up many different bars on Broadway: Tootsies (you have to go there just to say you’ve been, and the rooftop bar has a great view of the strip), Nudies, Acme, Dierks Bently Whisky Row (each level played a different genre of music), Robert’s and the Station Inn (we listened to the best Bluegrass here!  It is a hole in the wall but worth checking out.  It is not on Broadway but in The Gulch).

Areas of the city we enjoyed:
12 South: great little boutique shops, restaurants and coffee shops.  We really loved the coffee at The Frothy Monkey, and they have other locations throughout Nashville.
The Gulch:  We ate breakfast in this area twice as well as some shopping.  This is where you will find The Thompson Hotel.

They will have to wait till next time:
We just ran out of time!  There were many other places to eat on my list that we didn’t get to, but that just means that we will have to go back soon!  Pinewood Social Club, Biscuit Love, Hattie B’s and Henrietta Red will be waiting for us the next time we go to Nashville.

Weekly meals June 3 – June 8

Meal updates from last week:
Two of the meals from last week were part of our family favourites, the BLT salad and Thai noodles will always be on heavy rotation in our house.  We also loved Rachael Ray’s take on Salisbury steak.  It was like eating a burger over mashed potatoes.  Enough said!

This week we will be eating at home Monday-Thursday, I’m going out with friends on Friday and not sure what Saturday has in store for us.

Today we celebrated our son’s Birthday, his actual Birthday isn’t until July but we like to include all his school friends in a party before summer break.  As always I made our go-to chocolate cake recipe from @thelittlekitchen.  If you are looking for an amazing cake and icing recipe then YOU NEED TO MAKE THIS ONE!  Don’t forget to print Dinner List 57
before you head to the store.

Happy cooking,

*Blueberry oatmeal muffins*