Weekly meals Feb. 19 – Feb. 23

Meal updates from last week:
As always my family loves classy chicken!  My husband and I loved the chicken shawarma salad, but next time I will make the chicken with the rub and then we will eat them in a pita.  The graham crackers that I made for my son’s class were delicious, as were the chocolate cake doughnuts that we made later in the week.

This week we will be eating at home Sunday-Thursday.  We will probably do take-out on Friday and then we are heading to friends for an Indian theme dinner on Saturday.  The weather here continues to be cold and snowy, so I decided to cook with my crock pot twice this week.

  • Slow cooker turkey breast from @recipe_tin we ate this with mashed potatoes, steamed green beans and roasted carrots.  As we ate this tonight I can let you know that it turned out amazing!  The turkey was juicy and flavourful.  I made some gravy with the drippings from the crock pot.  I would highly recommend making turkey this way.
  • Slow cooker Asian caramel pulled pork from @carlsbadcravings I will serve this with brown rice and sautéed snap peas.
  • Chicken parmesan from @cookingchannel we will eat this with some buttered pasta and a caesar salad.
  • Ginger peanut soup, a recipe that I have shared before.  This recipe comes from a cafe in Victoria called Rebar (my mom has the cookbook).  This soup is simply outstanding!  I also add a can of coconut milk to make the soup extra creamy. I serve this with naan bread for dipping.
  • Salmon cakes via @foodnetwork from @inagarten we will have some grilled asparagus with the cakes.  I am making these because our family doctor informed us that we need to eat more fish, so I am going to try to cook fish at least once a week.  It is challenging to think of ways to make fish appealing to small children.  I am hoping that because it resembles a hamburger they will be more willing to try it?!  Fingers crossed, I will let you know what happens.

Last week I was on a baking spree and I think that I will continue it this week.  I really want to try these banana bread muffin cookies as well as these whole wheat muffins.  Granola has also been on my mind lately, so I think that this recipe will satisfy my craving.  Here is your Dinner List 45 for ease at the store.

Happy cooking,

*Vanilla almond granola, I added 1/2 c. of shredded unsweetened coconut and 2 tbsp. of chia seeds.  After baking I also added 1 c. of dried cherries, they just add a tiny bit of sweet and tart to the granola.*


Weekly meals Feb. 12 – Feb. 16

Meal updates from last week:
I have to admit that I only really ate one dinner from last week.  I was getting over the stomach flu and just didn’t feel like eating anything.  By the end of the week I was feeling much better and absolutely loved the chicken meatball bowls!  This will be a recipe that I make again.

We were away in the mountains on the weekend.  We enjoyed an amazing meal on Saturday night, I had tuna tartare as a starter, it was truly amazing.  For my main I had salmon with a light broth and mixed vegetables.  It was a such a wonderful night.  This week is very busy!  We ate at home tonight, and will be having sushi tomorrow to celebrate my Birthday.  We will end the week eating at home.

  • Classy chicken from the Best of Bridge, as always we ate this casserole with egg noodles.
  • We are ordering sushi from our favourite local place.
  • Chicken shawarma salad with tahini dressing from @oursaltykitchen I am excited to try a new dinner salad recipe.
  • We will be having homemade heart pizza to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  I will be making my dough using this recipe.  For dessert I am making blondies my addition will be cupid’s mix M & M’s.
  • Grilled steak with sautéed mushrooms and stuffed potatoes.  We will also have a green vegetable or a side salad.

My son’s class is having a party this week to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We will be contributing cheese and crackers for the party.  For the crackers I will be making graham crackers, I have made these a few times before and they are so good!  My son has been asking everyday to make doughnuts, so we will bake some together this week.  He has requested chocolate, and well it is Valentine’s Day, so we will try these double chocolate cake donuts.  The Dinner List 44 is long this week!

Happy cooking,


Weekly meals Feb. 5 – Feb. 9

Meal updates from last week:
Everything I made last week was delicious!  We especially enjoyed the turkey burgers and pork kabobs.  The potato soup was a perfect meal the have ready and waiting for us after swimming lessons.

Our house is getting over a weekend of sickness, hence why the blog post is a day late!  The worst part of the whole weekend was that we missed having a Super Bowl party, so there were no snack to be had!  This week we will be eating at home Monday-Thursday, I am going out with ladies Friday and then we are heading to the mountains for the weekend.  Weather continues to be cold and snowy, so we will be tucking into some warm and comforting dinners.

I don’t have any other plans for cooking or baking this week.  I will be working on my Valentine’s Day post to share with you later this month.  If there is a chance that you haven’t been to the grocery store then take Dinner List 43

Happy cooking,

Super snacks!

I happen to LOVE football, but what I love even more are the snacks that go with the big game.  With Super Bowl this weekend I thought that I would round-up some tasty snacks that you could make and serve for family and friends.

I will be serving guacamole, chips, pizza bombs and caesar salad.  I haven’t yet decided what sweet treat will end our game.

Go Pats!

Weekly meals Jan. 29 – Feb. 2

Meal updates from last week:
All meals from last week were family favourites so there isn’t much to update.  I still continue to love cooking a whole chicken in the crock pot.  It is so simple and the juices produce a great gravy that goes well on mashed potatoes.

We will be eating at home this week Monday-Thursday.  This week will be much less hectic than last week.  I am not sure what the plans will be for the weekend, possibly something simple for Friday night (breakfast for dinner) and then out for dinner Saturday.

  • turkey burgers from @yumandymmer the weather is supposed to go above zero today so I think I will fire up the grill.  We will eat these with a side salad and some waffles fries.
  • Pork kabob from @yumandyummer served with steamed rice and a green vegetable.  If it is warm I will grill the pork, if it is too cold then I will do them in the oven.
  • Three potato soup from @gimmesomeoven we need a quick meal for swim night and I think this will be perfect.
  • Soy chicken thighs from @domesticsuperhero on the side I will serve some steamed or sautéed mixed vegetables.

I don’t have any plans for baking this week, but I will be working on my Super Bowl blog post so stay tuned!  Take the Dinner List 42 with you to the store.

Happy cooking,

Weekly meals Jan. 22 – Jan. 26

Meal updates from last week:
All meals from last week were great.  I especially loved the Greek goddess chicken lettuce wraps and the roasted pork tenderloin with Dijon breadcrumbs.  We have eaten the haystack bowls before and just like last time they were a hit.  This time I used chili beans and they gave the meat mixture great flavour.

This week is a busy one!  We have appointments, swimming lessons and then my husband and I are away for the weekend.  We will be eating at home Monday-Saturday, but will grab a bite to eat out on Wednesday after swimming.  As we will be out-of-town Thursday-Sunday I am making meals for the kids to enjoy.  Tonight we had dinner with family, on the menu was grilled steaks, baked potatoes and caesar salad.

  • Slow cooker whole chicken and gravy from @spendpennies we will eat this with mashed potatoes, steamed beans and roasted carrots.  This is a great way to roast a chicken, and it makes really great gravy!
  • BLT salad from @marthastewart this salad covers all of the bases, there is no need to add anything to this meal.

    Here are the meals I am making for the kids:

  • Classy chicken from The Best of Bridge, served with egg noodles.
  • Pizza buns from @rebecca_simpleasthat they will eat these with raw veggies.  As I have shared before, I use Pillsbury dough to make these buns.
  • Hamburger soup from The Best of Bridge, which will be served with whole wheat buns.

Today I had to chance to try out some new recipes.  For breakfast I made banana bread waffles from @diethood.  They were delicious!  My kids gobbled them up.  I also made a batch of blueberry muffins.  Another hit with the kids!  If you are looking for a great banana bread recipe then give this one a try.  The whole loaf was gone in days.  The Dinner List 41 is pretty long this week!

Happy cooking,



Weekly meals Jan. 15 – Jan. 19

Meal updates from last week:
I managed to make all but one recipe from last week.  I did not get a chance to try out the ramen with vegetables.  I still plan on making this recipe and will let you know what I think after I make it.  Our two favourites from last week were the quinoa meatloaf and the Thai cashew chicken.  The meatloaf was super moist from the addition of the quinoa. The cashew chicken was a hit with everyone including the kids.

This week we will be eating at home Sunday-Thursday.  I am not sure what the weekend holds for us?  It may be something easy, takeout or out for dinner.  Tonight we had family over for dinner.  I served the top recipe from the list, do not skip making the pistachio basil goddess sauce.  It is simply amazing!  This may become my new sauce for everything.  I made these for dessert but added a drizzle of dark chocolate to the top.

  • Greek goddess chicken lettuce wraps from @halfbakedharvest we ate the wraps with a green salad.  I served the chicken in pita with all of the toppings.
  • Mexican haystack rice bowls from @togetherasafamilyblog I have some left over cauli-rice from last week so I will eat my bowl with it, but will make regular steamed rice for the kids.
  • Roasted pork tenderloin with Dijon breadcrumbs and brussels sprouts from @delish along with the sprouts I will be steaming some broccolini and maybe some roasted potatoes.
  • Italian sloppy joes from @delish served with a caesar salad.
  • Roasted root vegetables with sausage.  There is no recipe to go with this meal it is made-up.  I purchased some yellow potatoes, parsnips, carrots and delicata squash that I will roast with some olive oil, garlic and salt and pepper.  This will go in the over at 400 for 20 minutes and then I will add the sausage and cook for 15-20 more minutes.  For a similar recipe use the roasted sausage and potato supper.

Last week I made some breakfast cookies and broccoli cheddar quinoa cups.  See last week’s weekly meals for recipes.  This week I would like to try these morning-glory muffins this recipes is different from most mg recipes see the last ingredient 😉  Don’t forget the Dinner List 40!

Happy cooking,