Weekly meals May 8-12

Updates from last week:
All meals from last week were well received.  The soup as I have said before was amazing!  Classy chicken is a house favourite as well as the chicken caesar burgers.  The frittata was a quick and easy meal, but not as filling as I had hoped.  We loved the pork tenderloin, the sauce was delicious.  I did not end up making sausage and peppers as you saw on my Instagram post, instead we did nachos on the grill.  I wasn’t sure how they were going to turn out, but they ended up having a really great smoky flavour.

This week we will be eating at home Monday-Friday.  We have soccer twice this week, so I am trying to choose some easy to make recipes so that we can eat and be out the door in good time.

  • Chicken stir-fry with peanut sauce from @cookinglight this recipe has all of the flavours that I love.
  • Mini vegetable enchilada stacks from @iowagirleats this is a new recipe for me, I will serve this with a side salad.
  • We are going to have pizza cooked on the BBQ.  We invested in a hot plate for our grill last summer and it was a great decision.  We use it to cook veggies and pizza.  I am going to do cheese for the kids and meat with veggies for the adults.  Find a similar hot plate here.
  • BBQ chicken quinoa salad from @iowagirleats this is another new recipe for me.  As my son doesn’t love quinoa I will serve this with brown rice.
  • I am going to bbq sausage and serve it with this strawberry-chicken salad minus the chicken.  This is a salad that I have shared before and it is outstanding.  Take advantage of the in-season strawberries!

For breakfast this week we will be having organic cinnamon waffles from Nature’s Path. I like to serve these topped with nut butter and fruit.  I made the grain-free granola last week and we gobbled it up!  I am going to make another batch this week.  See my post from last week for the recipe.  I don’t have plans for a snack this week.  When I decide I will share it via Instagram.  Find the recipe for the triple berry banana bread here.  Print Dinner List 12 instead of writing your own!

Happy cooking,

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