Weekly meals August 20 – Sept. 3

Meal updates from last week:
We all really liked the sloppy joes, and three out of the four of us loved the teriyaki salmon bowls.  Although my daughter doesn’t like salmon, that doesn’t stop me from making it for the rest of us.  I also hope that one day she will actually like it!  This weekend we went to the mountains and enjoyed some family time as well as amazing food.  

This week marks the beginning of school for both my kids and a more normal work schedule for me.  We will be eating at home Sunday-Thursday, we don’t have any plans for the long weekend, but the weather is looking pretty good.  Last week I sat down with the kids to talk about school lunches and what they would like to have this year.  I wrote all of their ideas down, and here is the list:

  • mini bagels with cream cheese
  • sandwich with cheese and pickles, add ham for my son
  • cheese buns with jam
  • mini pancakes
  • hard boiled eggs, cheese and fruit
  • croissants with ham and cheese
  • pinwheels (cream cheese with salami)
  • cheese, pretzels and pickles
  • salami, cheese and crackers
  • waffles with jam

This is just a list of the main part of their lunches.  They will also take two different fruits, granola bar, apple sauce, muffin (sometimes) and a small treat (I like to send mini aero bars).

  • BLT salad with buttermilk dressing from @marthastewart I made the kids some BBQ drumsticks to have as their main.
  • Halloumi fajitas from @howsweeteats I haven’t used halloumi since living in Australia 15 years ago, but I came across this recipe was very intrigued.  I’ll let you know how they taste.
  • Sausage and pepper pasta from @tasteandtell we love sausage and who doesn’t love pasta?!
  • Breakfast for supper as this will be my first day of school with kids, I’m thinking of making either pancakes or waffles with fruit.
  • Spiced chicken meatball bowls with whipped feta from @yestoyolks I will add some warm pita for dipping.

There won’t be time for baking this week as it will be so busy.  I still have a lot of blueberries and some brown bananas, but I might have to freeze both until later in the month.  My freezer currently has banana muffins, banana loaf, chocolate zucchini muffins and carrot zucchini muffins so that will take us through the first three weeks of school/after school snacks.  Shopping made easy with grocery list 21 26

Stay healthy,

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