Summer recipes and a blogging break

Meal updates from last week:
Everyone loved the air fryer chicken parmesan, and the beef burritos were delicious.  I didn’t make the Peruvian chicken as my mom had us over for an amazing steak dinner.  I made the peach, blueberry salad on Saturday night with some grilled chicken thighs.  This weekend we went to friends for dinner Friday night, I took a peach cake with whipped cream for dessert.  Saturday I grilled chicken and made a salad, and Sunday we went to Double Zero for pizza.

The hot fudge sundae cake was a hit!  It was a lot of work, and I don’t think that I will make it again.  One thing that didn’t work was that the bottom crust didn’t come out of the spring form pan with the ice cream.  It stuck to the pan and had to be removed with a sharp knife.  I am not sure why that happened as I greased the bottom of the pan before adding the cookie crumble base.  Next time someone wants ice cream cake I think that I will try making this tartufo.

This week I am taking a meal planning break.  I will share some summer inspired recipes, and get back into the swing of things next week.  Tonight I made classy chicken and tomorrow it will be leftovers, grilled chicken or possibly steak.

Summer inspired recipes:
Salmon grain bowls
Stone fruit salad
Summer quinoa salad
Mediterranean quinoa salad
Any-kind of fruit galette
Grilled hot honey chicken with lime corn salad
Orzo with zucchini and tomato
Grilled chicken peach salad
Cucumber tomato salad

Next week our daughter will be turning 6!  She has requested a rainbow cake, so I will use my go-to chocolate cake recipe with pudding icing.  I will bake two rounds then cut them in half to create the rainbow shape.  I will colour the icing all of the colours and then ice.

Happy summer, stay healthy

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